Friday, July 20, 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Hey, Friends!

It’s TuSAL time à  See the sidebar.

Yesterday on the way home from work I could tell there had been some heavy rain, but the downtown market was set up under tents so I stopped to see if they had some veggies.  They have all kinds of things baked goods, passed jewelry, passed several ah, there they were veggies, stopped.  Then it started to sprinkle…then rain…then downpour!  The kind folks at the veggie stands let several of us park ourselves under their tents until it slacked off some.  Do you know what this melon is?  I’d never noticed it before, but the kind lady was giving samples and it is really good!  I got these things and quickly made my way to the car.  Think I’ll be sure to check the sky before I stop next time!

Recently I’ve been spending some stitching time with Mary Gibson.  She’s been sitting in the WIP stack since January, so it’s time for her to have a little love since I enjoy her so much!  If you want to see the progress, click above.

Have I told you that when DS (dear son) visits we have been watching Battlestar Galactica?  Well, we finished the entire series the last time he was here.  Next we’ve decided to watch Breaking Bad.  It’s a series that is still on, but there are several seasons on NetFlix.  On my own, I watched Mad Men up to this current season.  The bad part is, I hate to stop once it’s started.  I can refrain for a week, but if I watch one, it’s on!

Outside the window at the doctor’s office, there were a couple of bird feeders.  I used to keep hummingbird feeders, but it seemed more and more the juice would sour in a day or two, so I stopped.  In the winter, I would keep wild birdseed, but that declined as well.  After seeing the seed sock covered with what I call Yellow Finches (actually they’re
Goldfinch), I decided to get one.  The very next day I saw what I presume to be a female enjoying her snack with the mister sitting on another stake keeping an eye out.  Oh, and the hummingbirds they’re enjoying the red hibiscus (not in this photo) that are still blooming those that the weed eater didn’t get!

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!  I hope everyone has a great, stitch weekend, and that you get some much needed rain.
I'm grateful for raindrops !
and Happy Stitching


  1. Kicking up big storms here this afternoon~ YAH~~

    Love the progress on that sampler dearie....Nice job!

    Later tater, FAye

  2. Nice WIP progress! There seem to be lots of heavy downpours these days -- around here too. Rained all day here until recently. Which is a nice change!

  3. Hope the rain continues too! Nice looking veggies. Happy stitching on your sampler...looking good!

    stay cool...

  4. We finally got some rain here yesterday, thank goodness. Love your WIP progress; she's a beautiful sampler!

  5. Rain here today, too, Charlene--finally! We need it so badly... Looks like some nice healthy vegetables and fruits you picked up at the stand! You're being good with your healthy heart foods :)

    Your sampler is so pretty and I love that glimpse of your porch. I've hardly used mine all summer due to the extreme heat. It's a shame really... I love to stitch out there when it's nice.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Mary Gibson is lovely. I'm not sure what the melon is but when you find out let us know. I love our farmers market. Corn is just coming in so I'm sure that will be on the menu this week.

  7. You have made quite a good bit of progress on your Mary Gibson! We got just a tiny bit of rain after a long time of thunder and lightning. We really need so much more rain it is pathetic! Good job on your bird feeders!

  8. Mary Gibson is gorgeous so far!
    We have had some pretty intense storms here. Huge hail Wednesday.
    I once knew what that melon was but it's been a while snd now I forget.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Love that sampler you are working on. Believe me, I understand the rain. It rains everyday in Miami during the summertime. In fact, I'm listening to our daily storm right now! :)


  10. You are making great progress on Mary Gibson! She's so pretty! Good for you with the vegetables! I'm curious about that melon. :)

  11. What a summery post. Mary looks great.

  12. We had barely any storms last night, but today is a new slate... Hopefully they will hold off till I go to the beach with all the granddaughters and daughters (they are visiting this 4-day weekend!Yay!)! I don't know that melon... I hope you find out! Mary Gibson is so pretty! You are really progressing! I KNOW you will finish her this year! Hugs!

  13. Rain would be a welcoming event here. LOL. We only get rain threats, with just cloud cover and no rain.
    I don't know what that melon is, but I have seen some here that size and seedless, but I don't believe it is the same as the skin of the melons here look more like the larger watermelons.
    I've always loved the colors in the Mary piece and it will be quite lovely when you are done. It sounds you are have some quality time with your DS.
    My DH and I often sit outside on the patio and a hummingbird sometime come to visit.
    TFS and hope you have a wonderful day.

  14. Very nice progress on the sampler!

  15. We had rain on and off too. Nice progress report.

  16. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.
    Your sampler is looking lovely.

  17. My dear,
    thanks so much for stitching my freebie :-)
    Your finishings are beautiful!!! I'll add them to my FB album!!!
    Thanks Thanks Thanks

  18. I have never seen those socks, but we have had some goldfinches visit lately. They seem to be attracted to our coneflowers. Which are bent over now because they can hardly handle the weight of their own heads let alone birds! I may get something to feed them. We've had fleeting glimpses of orioles as well. But there are so many squirrels and I'm not keen to feed them. I like the look of that sock!

  19. Mary is coming along nicely! I just love the reds.

    Your produce looks great. I got hooked on galia melons this summer, when they were on sale. It is a cross between a cantaloupe and a honey dew and ohhhhhh so yummy. I had to google how to pick one that is ripe! LOL

    Have you watched The Killing? It is/was an AMC show. INCREDIBLE. We just finished the first season of Friday Night Lights it is amazing, too. We only got the first season of Breaking Bad here so far, which is a shame--we really like it. Mad Men just started showing the first season here--different seasons have been on but I wanted to get it from the beginning. We haven't started watching it yet but I know my brother is hooked so I hope we get hooked, too.

    And, umm, yes.... I like TV. LOL


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