Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dog Days

This second week of August has been rainy and humid.  Just what the dog days of summer (July 3 - August 11) should be!

Happy that the new season of football is back!  The preseason may show us what's coming.

August 9 #33

Moonlight Visitor #9
Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart
32ct Autumn Fields

August 2 #32

Clara Ellen #8
Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart
32ct Autumn Fields

Peace * Love * Joy
Charlene in SC

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stitching in the Heat

Here we are, coming up to the end of July.  We celebrated my mom's birthday last weekend with dinner at a local Chinese food buffet.  She really seemed to enjoy it.  

Last year I said my focus this year would be completing Blackbird Designs, Anniversaries of the Heart.  It hasn't worked out that way, but at least one has been done, and another is on the q-snaps.  For anyone who isn't familiar, this was a 12-part series started in 2010 that was designed to recognize and honor various family members.  I chose to stitch each of them on one piece of 32ct Autumn Fields linen. I believe 30ct was recommended, but if  I were starting it now, it would be on 40ct...

July 24 #31

Swan Lake
Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart
32ct Autumn Fields

I received this little angel - Christmas variety - from Sara this week.  Isn't she adorable - just stepped out of the choir.  Hop over to Sara's Facebook page, Triple S Crafts to see more of her cute designs.  She is such a talented crochet artist.  

Hope you're having a great summer, getting a bit of rain once in a while, and staying cool.

Peace * Love * Joy
Charlene in SC

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mid-July Catch Up

Trying to keep up with my stitched pieces, so here we are again.

July 11 #28

1927 Henriette Barrat Sampler
Just Cross Stitch - April 2016
40ct Gretchen's Gray
Hand-Dyed Fibers by Dixie Samplar

July 16 #29

Quaker Berry - Berry Collection
Erica Michaels
40ct Whispering Mist
Hand-Dyed Fabrics by Dixie Samplar

July 18 #30

From Me to Thee
Scattered Seed Samplers
32ct Dirty Khaki
Dames of the Needle

Last year my friend Sara had a witch in tiny crochet.  She had lingered on my mind... Then recently she showed a tiny mermaid.  Couldn't stand it any longer!  I placed my order, and within days see what was in my mailbox! Link over to her facebook page Triple S Craftsto see this and other things she does.  


Today is my DS birthday.  Our family tradition is that the person gets to choose their favorite meal.  We're having what we lovingly dubbed, A Pot.  It already has multiple names... Seafood Boil, Low-Country Boil, Frogmore Stew, and on and on.  Ours has crab legs, shrimp, red potatoes, corn, with spices and hot sauce.  Yummmm - getting hungry just thinking about it.  And his cake of choice - Pumpkin Bundt.  

Hope everyone is staying cool and getting in a lot of stitching, sewing, punching, or any of your other favorite things to do.  
Peace * Love * Joy
Charlene in SC

Friday, July 1, 2016

July? Come on....

Are you having a hard time believing it is July?  Oh, my goodness!  Although it's still hot and humid, at least we've had a little break in the torturing heat this week.  
One of the good things is that I love stitching patriotic or Americana designs.  The bad part is deciding when to move on to something else.  Here is my most recent stitched piece.  It was in the summer issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitching magazine.  Sweet Land of Liberty is by Sandy Whitlow.  It was such a fun piece to stitch.

June 30 #27

Sweet Land of Liberty
The Humble Stitcher
40ct Sand Dune

Someone recently asked, how will you finish this (another piece)?  My honest response was, I'm a lover of stitching; finishing, not so much!  My hope is that when my craft room magically becomes clean and organized, I'll be inspired to finish everything that's in that tub!  So, are you like me, or do you have your mind set on how you'll finish a piece before the first stitch goes in?

Wishing a Happy Independence Day to everyone
 - and Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends. 

Happy Stitching!!
Charlene SC

Friday, June 24, 2016

Mid-Year Update

 As the middle of the year rolls around, I thought it may be time for an update.  If you've looked in, my plan was to put each stitching finish in one post, however, it had become difficult for editing, and for you viewers to see, I think.  So here are the last two finishes in June.

June 24 #26

My Country
40ct Stone Gray

June 20 #25

The Nebby Needle
Thanks for Service
28ct Heroic

When July 1 rolls around, I will have been retired for one year! The first couple of months it felt like I was playing hooky or forgot where I was supposed to be, but it has settled down and now it feels great to sit and stitch for as long as I like!  People ask, are you ready to go back to work?  Nope!  Are you bored? Absolutely NOT.  

In November my mom fell and broke some ribs.  Since then her health has declined, and her sight has deteriorated (glaucoma) significantly, so I spend more time tending to her needs.  

In January my DS left for Cambodia, and in March 2016, he and his lovely, sweet wife got married.  What an adventure it was!  I left February 25 and returned March 7.

It was a beautiful ceremony that will be remembered and celebrated for a lifetime!


Nan's engagement ring; Pop's wedding band. They were married 61 years.

Bride and Groom
Sotheavy and Jonathan

Modified for their Wedding 

To Market

Phonm Penh
Angkor Wat

I'll leave it there for now, and pick up with the next post.  Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon.

Happy Stitching!!
Charlene ♥ SC

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stitching in 2016

My plan is to update this post with each finish for 2016.   

June 10 #23 and June 17 #24

Meridian Designs
Teenie Weenie Bikini
Super Heroine (left)
July (right)

June 6 #22

To the Beach (free card )
Hands on Design

28ct Antique Tan  


June 4 #21

Drop Anchor "&" Stitch by
Hands on Design
for PALS - 2015

June 1 #20

Voice of the Sea by
Hands on Design
for PALS - 2014

May 30 #19

Get Thee to the Beach by
Hands on Design
for PALS - 2013
32ct Twilight Blue

May 26 #18

Blessings by Teresa Kogut
32ct Cobblestone
I mentioned that Blessings will be added to my Tombstone Angels wall, and several asked me to share the wall.  Here is a (not so great) photo - pardon the glares, etc.  Think it will be added to lower right.
From left: Primitive Needle
Plumstreet Samplers:
Mirror :-)
Kathy Barrick: Sarah Hook
Primitive Needle

May 21 #17

Little Stitchers Handwork Club
Queen Bee Needle Poke

May 13 #16

Notforgotten Farm design for the
Primitive Stitchers' Society Retreat 2016
30ct Old FarmHouse

May 8 #15

Threadwork Primitives design for the
Primitive Stitchers' Society Retreat 2015
32ct Buttermilk from Dixie Sampler Hand Dyed Fabrics

May 3 #14

Class Project by EBeth and Nan
PSS 2016 Retreat

April 29 #13

Sampler Berry by Erica Michaels
 on 35ct Peeps Lost Sheep by
Dames of the Needle

April 25 #12

35ct 18th Century Rook
(not mounted in photo)

April 9 #11

Lady Liberty - Blackbird Designs Drum Kit
from Ladies Prim at Dyeing to Stitch
36ct Ligonier Latte - R&R
CC Cupid sub for Old Red Paint

March 15 #10

Truly Thine by Blackbird Designs
32ct home dyed pink
Poinsettia, Raspberry, Bark

February 23 #9

Wandering Heart by Threadwork Primitives
32ct Milk Chocolate - cc Wild Berries
Modified to add names for my son and wife wedding sampler

January 29 #8

Love Never Fails by Primitive Hare made into flat fold.
40ct Natural linen - Cherry on Top: Victorian Motto Sampler Threads

Well that plan went awry!  Will try to do better. The last update was around January 11 - today is 5/28/16.

January 28 #7

Plum Street Samplers on 35ct Dames of the Needle Dirty Ewe

January 19 # 6

January 17 #5

Love Never Fails by Primitive Hare
GA: Poinsettia Mystery greenish linen

January 16 #4

Let it Snow - Threadwork Primitives
36ct mystery stash linen (may be Mocha) using Victorian Motto Antique Christmas

January 13 #3

Handprint on My Heart by Heartstring Samplery
Kit from Dying to Stitch.  32ct Winter Brew R&R

January 11 #2

Here is Blackbird Designs Sewing Bird Pocket, a kit from the Ladies Prim Society club from Dying to Stitch.  The 36ct Stars Hollow Blend linen and fibers were provided, as well as the fabric for finishing the pocket pillow.  

January 3 #1

My first start and finish of 2016 - Snowed in Ornament by Stacy Nash Primitives.  Stitched on natural linen using Nancy Turner's Victorian Motto Sampler Threads.