Friday, July 27, 2012

Au Natural

Hey, Friends!
Oh boy, oh joy --  I’ve been a lucky winner once again!  I won a great giveaway over at Bobbi’s Mostly Stitching blog.  It was a giveaway dedicated to Widgets & Wool Primitives generations of stitching, and I just love the thought and the designs! 

Giveaway from Bobbi
Widgets & Wool Primitives
I first opened the box, and there is a wonderful piece of BBD Blueberry Crumbcake fabric wrapped around more goodies.  I pulled the ribbon, and out fell the four W&WP designs: Springtime Happy Dance (rabbits and tulips), The Love in Your Heart, Black Hat Society (yes!), and Better Not Pout J.  What a wonderful selection!  And then more BBD in the form of a dollie pyn pillow from Prairie Horizon Stitchworks!  Finally, a sweet little sampler magnet that looks quite familiar with its yellow house, flag, and kitty.  It says, This 
Dollie Pyn Pillow & Magnet
needlework of mine can tell, when I was yours I learned well. … 2004.  Is it Moira Blackburn?  Bobbi, thank you so much for your generosity!  I love every piece!

When I sat down with my Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch, I realized that the PSS Rotted but not Forgotted chart was missing.  Not to fear, Just Cross Stitch has a corrections page, and it’s linked there.

I was reading over at Lee Lake Stitcher’s blog that she decided to forgo the hair color and become au natural.  A couple of years ago, I was sick of my hair way over processed and so far from my natural color I could hardly remember what it should look like.  I saw some girls with what looked like single strands of iridescent tinsel in their hair and thought it was so striking.  Then I thought , if my hair wasn’t colored, I imagine I’d have my own tinsel… wonder how gray it really is?  Then an article about gray hair being chic , owning who you are, redefining beauty at any age.  For a variety of what others say, have a look here.  Now, I know there are some of you who will say I will always dye my hair - and I say more power to you!  But from my experience … without the color treatment I no longer have brown splotched door trims, base boards, and towels in my bathroom?  Actually, I had given that up to spend countless hours in the shop with my hairdresser, not to mention the amount of stash money I was spending there.  And so, to date there is not a drop of any residual color in my hair.  There are gray streaks along the front, and quite a few iridescent tinsel strands through the rest but here’s what I thought would be revealed (or this) and actually it is like this. It is pulled and straightened here, but it's never as curly as that last image.

Speaking of hair Pixie went to the groomer last Saturday.  Sometimes our hair looks more alike than others!  They must have gotten a little soap in her eyes see how pink they are?

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  I appreciate your words of encouragement and all your comments!
I'm grateful for less than 100˚
and Happy Stitching


  1. Lovely prize you won! Thanks for the link to Paulette's chart -- I couldn't believe they left it out of the magazine!! Your hair looks great to me. I'm definitely getting grey hairs mixed in with the black. I've always been au naturel -- it's easy when your hair is black and nothing else would look right. lol! Not sure if things will change as I get more grey. Doubt it.

  2. Congrats!! You won some great prizes! I just adore all of your recent finishes. Hon, I have a few strands of grey creeping out...I blame on the family for not allowing me to stitch! LOL

  3. I had grey hair when I was in my teens! I colored it for a while...grew tired of paying for it and some errors (had purple-y hair for my 2nd wedding in 1990! used his 'friend's wife'!) so when my first grandchild was born, I stopped. It really is true, only your hairdresser knows for sure! I had my favorite hairperson do a 'reverse' highlighting of the grey hair, and when I went to work--wow! The reactions were so funny! But it sure beat having roots every two weeks! I am quite 'au natural' and happy with it most days! You received a great giveaway! Congrats! Hugs!

  4. wonderful goodies! and I love your grey :)

  5. Fantastic win!! I just started coloring my hair a year or two ago, with my dark hair, the grey was really standing out. Not sure when I'll make that choice to let it go....but, someday....

  6. Glad you like your win, Charlene. Congratulations again.

    Love your hair. I am what my brother refers to as a "Q-Tip". (He's one, too.) Started getting gray before 30. Decided dying was too big of a pain and too much time wasted. This is how I was meant to be. Goes back to that quote at the beginning of your blog, which I love!

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Love the new do and the awesome winnings!!! Linda and I are sitting in a motel in VA right now... Doing a whirlwind shop hop today n tomorrow in VA... If you smell something burning, it's our debit cards!!!!!

  8. Congratulations on your awesome win, lovely stuff from Linda.
    I think your hair looks fabulous. Why spend all that time coloring or going to the salon when it would be much better to spend that time stitching.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Great win Charlene. I'm with you, I have never coloured my hair and have no intention of ever doing it. I kind of feel that when you get to a certain age you are supposed to have grey hair. Loving the new hairstyle.

  10. Lovely hair, lovely stash! Charlene! I knew about the missing chart and was quite surprised but knew they would have to make it right.

  11. What a great win, Charlene!! Hope your lucky streak continues...

    Love the comparison of your hair to Pixie's--you are so funny!! I'm one of those women who started graying early (early 30s) and has been coloring ever since. It is very close to what I think would be my original color, but I would probably be all gray if I stopped. Not ready for that yet... I just hope I'm not one of these funny little women I see at my parents' senior living community who are 90 and still have dyed hair ;-)

  12. Oh beautiful projets !!! And I love the beautiful dog " un amour " ...
    amitiés de FRANCE

  13. Very beautiful projet and I love the beautiful dog " un amour "

    amitiés de FRANCE

  14. WOW! Whata great win. All very lovely. I love your natural color.. Have a fantastic Saturday!

  15. Nice stash Charlene. Congrats on your win:)
    I'm into the Au Natural too. LOL. When I was younger and had a whole lot more energy, I dyed my hair; I'm older now, so I dye only threads and fabby. I love my salt and pepper hair color. LOL!!!

  16. Love the new you, Charlene! One of these days, I am going to be brave and go for it!

    Lovely win too, what a great week for you!!

  17. Congrats on the win - great stuff.

  18. Congratulations on your win! I stopped dyeing my hair about 2 years ago and honestly, I get more compliments on how pretty my hair color is now and I am totally gray. My mom had lovely white hair and I am just like her and proud of it. I say I am embracing my age. LOL


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