Friday, July 13, 2012

Finishes and Celebrations

Hey, Friends!
Who would have ever thought we’d say 90˚ plus days are cooler?  “Thank goodness it’s cooler today.”  And we’ve had rain for several days.  Not everyone, of course.  Mom lives about three miles from me, and there are days when one gets stormy downpours and the other gets only a sprinkle.  Must be on the edge of the cloud…

DS’s birthday is next week, so we’ll be celebrating this weekend.  Those of you who have been around here for a while know that in our family, the birthday person gets to choose the meal they want.  This will tell you something about my cooking skills… he wants Leek and Potato Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.  Guess he doesn’t care about the temperature!

And then the next week is Mom’s birthday!  She hasn’t told us her meal selection yet, but I did get the Gnomes Row that was originally intended for Mother’s Day - framed.  The frame size isn't exactly perfect, but I do like that a bit of the onion-skin dyed linen shows more.  It turned out okay, don't you think?

for Nicole
Next I stitched a couple of the Stitcher Sisters a freebie from The Primitive Hare.  She has some other beautiful designs, and a great piece in the JCS Halloween issue, Halloween Town!  I did make a few changes, but isn’t the chart just a guide?  They’re finished into little pin pillows, and my first strawberries (thanks for the encouragement, Carol)!  They’re filled with emery to keep those needles smooth.  These were sent to a couple of my South Carolina Sister Stitcher Pals - links are below the photo.
for Karen

And finally, the long awaited (didn’t it seem like forever?) doctor’s appointments are over for now.  He said there didn’t appear to be any significant blockages, but due to my risk factors we would try to prevent any more with exercise (guess stitching really isn’t
J), diet, and medication.  He recommended a Mediterranean diet and a wellness program offered by the YMCA.  They request a prescription for this, so when that arrives I’ll go find out more about it.  This is another sort of relief, as I’m sure you can imagine.  I’ve learned that many of you have gone through some of the same issues.  

To all of you who have been so encouraging during this process, a great big thank you.  Your hugs and kind words in comments, positive thoughts and prayers mean the world to me.  Without them I probably would have been more of a basket case.

Blogging and stitching friends are just the best!

I'm grateful for neighbors with vine-ripened tomatoes!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Hey Charlene,
    I emailed you about the Busy Needle pattern. Please email me at We can work something out if you haven't found a copy.

  2. Love all the stitching!! So glad to hear the results of the tests were encouraging. Enjoy the birthday celebrations!

  3. Love all your stitching and I definitely think the frame is perfect. I agree with letting more of the specialty fabric show.
    Happy birthday to all!

  4. Wonderful finishes! I do like that onion skin linen - striking!

  5. Love your finishes and I agree with you about letting more of the fabric's fantastic!

    Enjoy your birthday celebration meals - even if it is in the 90's!!

  6. Pretty finishes and the little gnomes are fun :)

  7. All three finishes look great. Good luck with the food changes and exercise program. You can do it. I am in the same boat as you with weather. It has been in the 90's all week. And we feel relieved too! But no rain for us. :(

  8. Lovely finishes!

  9. Definitely sounds like you have been through a scary time. Glad to hear things can be managed with diet, exercise and medication. I think the framing for Gnomes Row looks wonderful! And those little pin pillows are sweet! Wishing very happy birthdays to the celebrants! :)

  10. I am so sorry I haven't been a good blog reader lately. I am trying to catch up, and make a concerted effort to make more time for blogging! Your finishes are lovely! Sorry to hear you have been having health issues.. please do some research on grapeseed extract- I really think you might benefit from it! I take it every day, and only get sick if I forget to! It also helps cholesterol and other things! I am glad for the "cooler" weather too- have loved this rainy week!

  11. I love the finishes! I also Love Primitive Hare Designs. So glad you got a OK report. I understand about rain, about a mile down the road it was rainned everyday here.. My house None. Your DS's request sounds good to me.. I was thinking of making Vegetable Soup with cornbread Have a great Weekend!! Will There be Birthday Cake? I love Birthday Cake !!! lol

  12. Love that onion skin linen!

    We finally got rain after the lawn turned a crunchy brown. I thought I'd never be thankful for a gloomy, rainy day!

    Leek and potato soup...that sounds YUMMY!!!

  13. YGG..... I love the finishes and am so happy to hear the heart report.... I know you can do anything so Im just happy to know you dont have to face surgery!!! Have fun celebrating~~

  14. Hey darling,
    So glad to hear the good news of your health. That is wonderful and I know you are relieved that things are not so bad.
    Enjoy all upcoming birthdays and soup isn't so bad on hot days as long as your are inside with the AC. LOL.
    Your finishes are wonderful and love that freebie too.
    Take care.

  15. Good news!! There are many wonderful things in the Mediterranean diet and getting out to the Y may be fun. I love the ladies that I exercise with.
    You have had some lovely finishes. I really love the Primitive Hare Designs too. I think I need to order Orchard House.
    I hope that your son and mom have wonderful birthdays!

  16. Wonderful finishes. Happy birthday to your Mom and Husband. So glad everything turned out ok with your heart. Mederteranian diet doesn't sound so bad. :)

  17. Love your finishes! Hope the birthday celebrations went well. So glad to hear that your health news is good. Good luck with your goals of the diet and exercise.

  18. Adorable finishes of the stitching sisters freebie! Glad your test results came back as nothing too critical. Good luck with the new diet and exercise program.

  19. Great news, Charlene! And great finishes. I really love those gnomes. Enjoy those birthday celebrations!

  20. Your finishes are lovely! Glad that the health issues can be faced - a Mediterranean diet is definitely a good idea and can be wonderfully tasty :-)

  21. What lovely finishes. I bet your stitching friends enjoyed that little suprise... I do the same for birthdays also. My DH always wants a roast and cheesy potatoes. Enjoy the birthday celebrations!!

  22. Love the gifts that you surprised Nicole and Karen with, Charlene, and I'm so glad you tried making the strawberries!! Aren't they fun? Yours turned out great!

    Glad to hear the health update--sounds like some small changes will go a long way in improving your heart. Good luck! I'll be your long-distance walking buddy if you want :)

  23. Oh Gnome Row is so cute I'm sure your Mom is going to love it and what a special gift for Carol!

    Take care of yourself!!!


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