Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is it summer?

Hey, Friends!
Is it feeling like summertime at your house?  Humid evenings with heat lightening, or quick pouring rains and storms? Muggy, steamy, mornings?  I think summer is here a little early this year - but that's really no surprise, is it?
This week I finished Pink Hill Manor. It was stitched in honor of my aunt who passed in January from ovarian cancer.  I made a couple of switches in colors to make it appear even more pink toned, and since my Old Purple Paint was ‘missing’ at the time, there was a custom Blackberry Pie that stood in for it.  The initials of her deceased husband and her two children are there, as well.  I love how it turned out, and think she would love it, too.
As you see, my Anniversaries of the Heart project is a long way from completion.  There have been a couple of beautiful finishes recently that are very inspiring to me Siobhan and Katrina beautiful pieces of work!  Have a look and you may be enabled as well!
Next on my clipboard is the Mystery Sampler, Birds of a Feather, from With Thy Needle & Thread.  I made the choice to stitch it on 34 ct Cafe Aulait with the charted fibers.  I've only stitched one side of the border, so there's not much to show yet.

I am always on the lookout for stash and a couple of weeks ago I found With Needle & Thread.  It pays to keep your eyes open
  It just makes me wonder why Alma and Barb don’t reprint some of their early designs into booklet form?  There are many of us who were not stitching then, and would love to be able to stitch some of the older designs.   
A new Yahoo group was started last week called Pals Stitching at the Beach It is specifically for the PALS Fall Fling retreat at Myrtle Beach in October and any stitchers who plan to or are considering going.  I went last year for the first time see the post here , and before I left had already said I’d be going again this year.  It was so great to meet some on-line friends, and some brand new friends, too!  I was second on the sign-up sheet, have made reservations, and am already excited to go again!  It is at the SpringMaid Resort, where we had a huge assembly room with tables open from early to midnight thirty you can stitch in the cool and still see the ocean, chat with friends, or go and do other beach-y type things.  There are grab bags, ornament swaps, and some fun games.  Amy From Down Sunshine Lane is the sponsor of the event, and she does a great job!  And speaking of Amy, there is a get together planned for next Saturday, June 4, in Manning at the French Hens.  A group of PALS gather to stitch, sip beverages, eat and be merry for a few hours, typically 10-4.  It is a fun gathering, and I PLAN to be on time this time, y’all, and look forward to seeing everyone! 
A quick PS:  Do you know Mary Corbet?  She is an extraordinary stitcher-teacher, with a delightful daily newsletter posting.  Anyway -- I know there have been a lot of links in this week's posting, but to all my stitching-quilter friends, you must see Friday's posting.  You MUST!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a word or two!  It's so nice to hear your comments and thoughts - almost like having a little chat. 
and Happy Stitching


  1. Please let me know if you are having problems posting comments. Thank you!


  2. It is a beautiful piece to honour your aunt and a lovely finish

  3. You are still having problems: it was necessary 3 attempts to post the comment on your piece and this is the second one.

  4. What a lovely way to honour your aunt. It is so beautiful. Didn't Katrina and Siobhan do a fantastic job on their AOTH pieces?! They are an inspiration. I only started mine in January so I've a long way to go too.

    The weather over here isn't very nice at the moment but we had warmer weather when we shouldn't have had last month! It's now windy and a bit chilly.

  5. Hello Charlene. It has been hot here even with the wind blowing and the dust. Been trying to get out to walk before the heat of the sun. I love your Pink Hill Manor and the color changes you made. I am sure your aunt would have loved it too. I would love to see you progress on WTN piece. Mine is being mailed. I agree Alma and Barb should reprint some of those older charts. Keeps my begging to minimum to burrow charts;-) LOL.
    I enjoyed seeing that masterpiece of Mary Corbet. Beautiful.
    Enjoy your retreat as I know you will.
    btw: I was having problems yesterday and Sunday leaving comments, but I think maybe blogger has fixed it now.

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Charlene! :) That was so nice to read.

    Your block in honor ofyour aunt and her family is so beautiful. I'm sure she would love it.

    I can't wait to see your mystery sampler! I am jonesing to start it but am trying to stay disciplined and continue with what I have going on already. Self control stinks!!

  7. your pink hill manor is beautiful, love the colours. I am certain your aunt would love it!

  8. Summer is definitely here - but we realllyyyy need some rain; the grass is all dead :( I started the BoaF SAL, too :) Very pretty so far! I keep hearing about this thing in Myrtle Beach - maybe some year, I'll get to go to one...

  9. Pink Hill Manor is beautiful and a lovely tribute to the memory of your dear aunt.

  10. LOVE you finish of Pink Hill. I almost finished it and then got distracted. You are inspiring me to finish this one.


  11. Hmmm.Looks like my first post didn't make it. I've been having posting issues (photos, no text) as well as problems posting on only the new version of blogger. Love your newest project and hope you don't have any more frogs around it. Must be nice to stitch with friends!


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