Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hey, Friends!
Please accept my apology to anyone who has tried to leave a comment but was not able to.  I hope the issue has cleared up.  Blogger says they’re ‘working on it.’  I don’t know why it happens to some and not others.  They suggest clearing History and logging off and back in.  I’ve tried that and some other suggestions from friends, so hopefully it will allow now.  I’ve gotten a few, but don’t know if they’re just persistent, or if it is really fixed.
After starting the Mystery Sampler:  Birds of a Feather last week, I realized that I had miscounted and the fabric was not wide enough.  After frogging two sides of the border, I’ve started over on 36ct Lakeside Lentil.  I really think it is pretty
I was able to go to the PALS get together in Manning at The French Hen’s yesterday, and I had a great time.  It seemed like everyone did!  For the first time, I wasn’t one of the last to get there!  There was a bit of surprise on a few faces, too! 

Karen and Nicole

William (background) Hildit's Hubby
Donna and Lynn

Myra (stitching & chocolate lover)

Linda (left seated), Deborah (bending), Karen (standing), Hildit, Susan

Amy, Down Sunshine Lane,  had a few new goodies from Lady Dot, so I got a heart shaped pincushion and some darling little acorns, too.  
Four of the girls had a Friendship RR-SAL and they delivered their pieces to each other, and they really did a great job on them.  You may be able to learn more about it on their blog:  Amy, Faye, Karen, and Nicole  
Getting this shot wasn't the easiest...

Donna, Faye, Nicole, Deborah
Y'all know I'm teasing; right?
 There was some sad news at the gathering - Hildit and William's house burned.  They are both safe and did have insurance, so that task is before them, now.  I believe they lost most everything, including a vehicle and several pets.

We had a new moon this week, so here’s my TuSAL for June, 2011.  This is the fourth time I’ve used these clear, glass ornies to collect my orts, and this one seems to roll and compact the threads more than any of the others. Hmmm.  Reminder:   TuSAL is in the side bar this year à

Thanks for stopping by, and if you can leave a comment, I will certainly appreciate it.  I'll be making a few stops myself in a few minutes!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Hey darling. Think we are crossing paths. Thanks for the compliments on blog.
    I see some familiar faces in your photos. TFS. Keep that frog away from the SAL. LOL. Glad you had a good time at your retreat. Sounds like plenty of fun.
    Hugs to you.

  2. Love your captioned photo! Was great seeing you yesterday!

  3. Wjat great pnotos!!! It was so wonderful seeing you yesterday!! What a fantastic day it was...

    I had to laugh at loud at the picture where you are thinking I might just zap my 4th PS before I go back to work tomorrow..ahahahahahah...YGG!

    I am getting up a box of stash to send to Hildt...
    Have a good week, Faye

  4. OMG....the captioned photo is so cute...too funny! It was great seeing you yesterday your stitching makes me want to get this one now... I just loved it.

    Hope you have a good week....happy stitching....

  5. Looks like a grand time was had by all, Charlene--you are so lucky to have all those stitchers nearby!

    And I love your newest WIP--Mystery Sampler is darling and the fabric you've chosen is perfect :)

  6. hehehe love the caption photo .. it seems to sum up the day beautifully :) glad you all had a great time and sorry to hear of your friends news .... love mouse xxxx

  7. Glad you made it to the stitch-in, I always wish I could attend, but I live just a little too far away. What sad news for William and Hildit. I love your caption photograph, it is just too funny.

  8. Hey Girl! Good to hear from you in blogland. Glad you had a good time with the girls. I'm heart broken to hear about Hildet's house. Will be praying for her.
    Take care!

  9. Nice Update! Thanks for sharing the pics :) LOL!!!!!
    I look forward to seeing your progress on the mystery sampler.

  10. Looks like you have lots of fun stitching companions nearby! I, too, have been having blog issues; can only post photos, no text? You can see on GR how many time's I've tried.

  11. And I was truly disappointed to not be able to make it down there to see you all! Great pictures. So sorry to hear this about Wm and Hildit! Lovely new SAL. :)

  12. It was great to see you Charlene!! Can't wait until the next time!! :)

  13. Wow what fantastic photos Charlene! So glad you had a great time.

    Love your mystery start.

  14. Your BOF start looks great! Having a great time with your friends there! I do like your special picture, Funny:))

  15. Oh gosh, I am so sorry about your friends losing their house and pets. How sad.

    Your mystery looks great! Sorry about the miscount--blergh. Been there, done that, got the bald spot from yanking out my hair to prove it! ;) I LOLed at the captions on the photo!


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