Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quick Posting

Edited to add photo
Hey, Friends!
Not so much going on around here this week other than a little stitching and a few cute finds. 
There has been some progress on the next AotH piece, Pink Hill Manor.  The border is finished, a few bits, and the house is almost done. 
I saw this little silver frog and thought it had to come home with me!  I’ve seen those wirey, pin types, the glass and pottery ones, but never noticed the silver ones.  It has little ‘legs’ that would hold it in place on the dish.  It’s about 4 ½ inches.  And these darling little birds.  I love their tan/neutral colors.  Have I told you that at one time I had this totally irrational fear of birds?  I don’t really remember, but family says some nesting birds attacked me at Grandmother’s when I was a child, so that must be the cause for it.  I was so afraid that I didn’t even like looking at the images of birds but the real fear has been overcome, and the shelf above me at the computer desk is now filled with them!  I don't think I've posted the finished photo of The Tree with Birds, so here it is.
DS is coming later today so that we can have dinner with Nan and Pop.  She’s been on vacation this week, cleaning their house, so we’ll admire and eat happily!  
I’m looking forward to visiting with Amy’s PALs at the French Hen in Manning on June 4.  Hope to see y'all there!
Thanks to everyone who came by to say Hello and for your kind words. They are appreciated - as you are!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Lovely progress on Pink Hill Manor :)

  2. Hope you are having a great weekend...the weather is a little suspect this afternoon and hope it is sunny your way!

    happy stitching...and eating!

  3. Your little bird tree finish is darling, Charlene--love those sheep grazing underneath, too. And who wouldn't love a pink house (well, maybe not in real life, except at the beach or on a tropical island!)--very lovely WIP!

  4. AofH progress is coming along nicely Charlene; and love your tree piece finish and your beautiful finds. Love the birds too and glad you recooped from the bird fear:-)

  5. Great progress, Charlene! I am STUCK on Snow Garden, and don't like the lack of contrast between roof and walls but don't want to frog, lol! Have lovely meal!

  6. Hey Girlie,
    I love your stitched tree. I can't ever seem to find frogs when I'm out and about so congrats on the cool find.

  7. Love your finish of the tree with birds! What is the pattern?

  8. Oh my..your BBD piece is stunning..I love the colors..and that tree is beautiful, too! I used to freak out over crows, and I would faint if a chicken got near me, having had one chase me when I was a child. I do understand your (past) fear of birds..that said, I love the sounds the crows make when fall is lurking.

  9. Absolutely love your tree, the birds and the sheep. Do you have a plan for the button sprinkled on it? The house you're stitching is going to be very nice also.

  10. Your BBD is lovely, and the tree is so pretty too - well done!

  11. Great progress on AOTH! Pink Hill is soo pretty. Your Tree with Birds is just adorable! Have fun at your get together!!

  12. Can't wait to see your AoTH all finished! It is such a lovely piece. Also, I am loving your Bunny and Company - too cute!!

  13. Nice progress on your AoTH.

  14. I love your stitched tree! Very pretty, as is your progress on AotH. Nice frog find, too!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Lovely blue birds !!!
    Thank you for visiting my small blog.


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