Saturday, March 1, 2014

Marching In

Hey, Friends!

My next stitched piece of 2014 is Angel of Tulips by The Goode Huswife.  I have loved this piece for so long!  I think I may stitch it again using slightly different colors…  We’ll see if THAT happens!

I was commenting to someone about an accidental breaking of a sentimental piece, and wondered if I’ve shared this with you.  My loved piece was a square, pedestal candy dish that I always admired.  The way the top fit, it made that ‘special’ sound when replacing it.  It was in my childhood home, and Christmas before last Mom gave it to me.  While changing a lampshade I dropped the (heavy) finial on the lid and it shattered.  You know that SICK feeling when you do something that you realize you knew better!  I searched and searched, and almost unexpectedly one search on led me to one exactly like it!  You can see it here.  You can bet your bippy that it isn’t under that lamp now!  Does that phrase bring back memories?

While I was stitching Eliza, every once in a while I needed a bit of contrast, so it led to knitting this Red ‘eternity’ scarf!  My DS asked me about stitching a knit hat for him, so I’ve been attempting to learn on YouTube.  It looks so simple!

I’m on the mailing list for auctions and estate sales, and think I’d love to go to some.  But on the weekend I just don’t want to set the alarm, get up early to dress and go see IF there’s something I would buy.  I’m thinking it won’t be that way after retirement since the alarm doesn’t have to wake me five days a week.  This is why people say they’re busier after retirement than before – they try to pack in everything they never had time for before! Oh, I so look forward to those busy days!

Hope March will bring some early spring weather to those of you who are still covered in snow and ice.  

May 2014 be filled with Happy Stitching!




  1. What pretty pieces you have created here! I am glad you got a replacement candy dish. It is snowing right now. It will be a looooong time til Spring arrives.

  2. ouchie but glad you managed to find another one :) well done with the stitching and knitting and enjoy your busy days when you get them :) love mouse xxxx (who has a long time till then *sigh

  3. Beautiful stitching and knitting both! Knitting is great fun, isn't it? I don't think spring will be here for quite a while yet, sadly. I am so longing for it.

  4. Both your stitching ans knitting look lovely. That is a great cross stitch pattern, perfect for spring with the tulips. I'm so glad you were able to replace the dish!!

  5. So glad you have found the replacement piece. Hate that feeling. Tulip piece is nice too.

  6. Love your newest stitchery, and the cowl. Great color! Fun to see you knitting! Glad you were able to replace your dish. Happy almost Sunday!

  7. Very nice angel, and great knitting! Glad you found a replacement for the broken dish.

  8. I really like your finish. Beautiful design and lovely stitches.
    I know all too well that sinking feeling. I am so glad you found the replacement lid.
    Looks like a warm scarf. Very pretty color.

  9. Lovely update Charlene. Sweet finish, are you stitching another version now?
    I am so glad that you found a replacement for that candy dish. I understand exactly what you mean with the sound memory and how special it is. My Grandmother had glass jars that had that special sound.
    Have a great week!

  10. Very pretty finish, Charlene! And how nice that you found a new candy dish... Ebay and Etsy have sure made it easier to replace our beloved items :)

    No signs of spring here--it was near zero this morning :( And we've had snow covered ground since late December... It is really starting to get to me, I'll tell you...

  11. Your angel is so cute... but now you have me wondering how it will look NEXT time you stitch it! Glad that you were able to find the replacement candy dish--I love that shape too! I had times in my life when I didn't work outside of the home, but I was busier than ever! Of course, I had the kids to raise, but I seemed to have lots more volunteer stuff going on and such... Hope retirement is all that for us!

  12. I'm on a similar list and most of the sales do have pictures. They look like pictures of a hoarders house, but they are pictures. Most often like is grouped with like so you can see if there's enough depression glass or cuckoo clocks or whatnot to make it worth setting the alarm. Maybe you should suggest it? Anyway, the link to your dish has expired, so you will have to show it to us when you get it. Love your scarf. Too bad it's time to put it away til next winter.


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