Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hey, Friends!

While I was out in the snow last week I couldn’t believe I saw a big breasted, fluffy robin!  We had several 70◦ days this week, but I didn’t notice a one – but I was at work during the day, too.
Eliza Scattergood by Plum Street Samplers is finished.  She is stitched on 36ct Exemplar using the recommended NPI silks.  I did make a little change to the verse.  The original:
"Eliza Scattergood, her work 1839. When I survey this work of mine, I'm filled with joy and dread.
May Christ my life with his entwine before my days' last thread." 
My version:
"Eliza Scattergood, her work 1839. When I survey this work of mine, I'm filled with joy and dread.
all my stash be stitched and hung before my days' last thread."  She was a fun project – first finish of 2014.

This week, I finished the second piece – February Flip It (2001) by Lizzie*Kate.  Since my fabric – linen sample stash – was smaller count, I replaced the charm with a stitched heart, and the recommended DMC.  As I was stitching I kept thinking, this doesn’t look like the other finishes I’ve seen, nor does it look like the chart picture!  After more careful examination, I was stitching the ● instead of the •.  After that correction, it became more familiar.
So, what’s next on the list?  We’ll see…
Have you been shopping from the 2014 Market?  Wow – so much beautiful work, such hard decisions to make!
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  1. Congratulations on your Eliza Scattergood and your February Flip It. I like the change you made in Eliza's verse.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Lovely finishes, congratulations! Have a great weekend.

  3. Both so pretty. February has great colors.

  4. I love the change you made to Eliza's verse. Both are wonderful finishes.

  5. You sure do stitch quickly! Another big finish, plus a small! Wow! Lovely finishes!

  6. Both are wonderful! I especially love Eliza.

  7. Impressive finishes. Your stitching is always so beautifully done.

  8. Love your Plum Street finish and your amusing change.

    Last week in the cold and with a foot of snow on the ground and another eight inches on the way, I saw some very anxious robins (some do stay year round in northern Ohio...don't know why!) seeking food. They don't eat the sunflower seeds and suet that I have in the backyard, so I started putting grapes and raisins out in front. I had to do it for about five days, until enough snow melted that we had grass showing. Apparently they can find worms in frozen ground...hope so!

    Going to dig further down in your blog...haven't been here for a while.


  9. What a great change to the verse, Charlene--something we can all only hope for, I'm sure!! I've always loved that little LK piece and your finish is so cute. I stitched it a couple of years ago and it is one of my favorites...

    Hope your warm weather (and the robins!) stick around... We are back down in the single digit temps this week :(

  10. Eliza looks wonderful and you have to love the saying. The little LK finish is sweet too.
    It has been a pretty weekend!

  11. A wonderful finish!! Love Plum Street Samplers...such great designs!

  12. Great finish Charlene.... love the change in verse too! Enjoying the warmer weather since my heat isn't running... more money for stash. Oh well....hope you have a great week.

  13. Wonderful finish Charlene! I love the changed verse since it's a wish of mine as well :D Great job on the LK too. It's very sweet!

  14. Hi Charlene,
    Great finish and I love you verse. This speaks to stitchers everywhere.

  15. Congrats on both your finishes!

  16. Your finishes are great, and your change is funny. If you go shopping the 2014 market, how is that going to help you fulfill that goal? LOL


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