Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days!

Hey, Friends!

Did you enjoy the snow day?  It was nice to stay home and stitch the day away.  We had a two-hour delay on Thursday, but I had another problem.  I was running a bath, and it stopped after about three inches of water in the tub!  Frozen pipe?  There was a tiny drip in the kitchen sink, but must not have been enough.  Thank goodness I hadn’t jumped in for a shower with hair soaked and soaped!!  May have been pipes to the water heater… anyway I turned it off.  Now I need to get home early to see if the water is thawed, and if I can relight it.  Hopefully!!  Everything turned out fine.  Pipes were thawed and the water heater lighting was a breeze! 

I started drafting this two weeks ago so the paragraph above was written January 21, I think.

We’ve had another snow event!  It snowed all day Tuesday, February 11, most of the day Wednesday, and they say Thursday - yes, it did, until after noon. Almost looks like my car is fully covered, doesn't it?  It has been some great stitching time for me! Also made some snow cream yesterday– yum! 

Did you happen to see This over at My Heartstring blog?  She’s describing the process of selecting for a new sampler.  Got me thinking about how much I love the colors of fibers in cotton and silk, the varying shades of linen, and even the combinations of fabric prints and solids.  Just as we stitchers love to scan and organize our charts, don’t we also love the other pieces of the project?  Many of you ‘would never’ make a change to the colors the designer chooses for a design, and it not be their perfection, but it makes the finished piece feel so much more my own when I do.   

I haven’t made any changes to the colors of Paulette’s Eliza Scattergood, but I did make a little change to the verse.  As you can see, I’m a little more than two thirds finished with this one, that I started on January 1, 2014.  Here's a little close up of some sweet motifs!

Pax really cut a wide path of cold and precipitation from the gulf up through Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, and further north .  Many of you have already had more than your share of snowy weather.  I hope everyone in the path of this storm is safe and warm!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  Sending hugs and blowing kisses!

 May 2014 be filled with Happy Stitching!



  1. UGH! I am so glad that it is over! I could do without seeing any snow for a long while, and this summer I don't want to hear anyone complain it is to hot LOL

    I had a snow day again today, my work decided to stay closed. Plus roads are horrible out by me, no plows come ot this far out. We worked outside all day today saving trees from power lines, taking the ice off our cars and hauling large branches that feel in the night. So happy the Sun is shining and we can all get back to normal :D
    Great piece you are working on. Take care and stay warm

  2. Eliza is coming along quickly--all the snow days of stitching! Wish I could say the same, but if I am home extraordinarily, it seems my day is eaten up by other things. With hubby not working, gee... wonder why?? I AM stitching a little here and there. I worked on my last BAP and decided to cut it short. Just going to stitch the top part and that's it... It will look good framed, so ... great! You will see in my blog soon. Glad your pipes were not too frozen! Hugs!

  3. Love your stitching -- gorgeous! Yikes on those pipes -- so glad the pipes didn't burst!

  4. Glad your pipes unfroze OK! Stay warm. Love your projects!

  5. Charlene-- I completely understand about the love of "other" stash -- Frankly I think I like sorting through fibers and fabrics even more than patterns. And, even when I'm in a fondle-the-patterns mood, it ALWAYS leads to a where-are-my-overdyes-and-silks hour. :)

  6. Looks like you put your time to good use! Tired of ice and the ugly slush it will now become. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. You really got dumped on down there, Charlene! We escaped this latest storm here in western PA--the eastern part of the state wasn't so lucky! Lovely stitching there and I totally agree with you about changes--it's nice to make a piece your own :)

    Take care now and stay warm--hope that's the end of the snow for you guys, but with this crazy winter, who knows?!

  8. Love your vintage valentine! Yes, I've had enough snow! We had more than six inches at my house, but mostly was melting today. Ice tonight, glad I don't have to go out early tomorrow! So glad your pipes unfroze and didn't break!

  9. Hate you've got messed up pipes!!!!! Not fun~ and, don't even say the S word again!!!! No school this week except Monday... Still iced in... Lost power for 10 hrs yesterday... But, I'm warm, able to stitch and sew and still have provisions... So much better than many in my area.... I won't complain... Just bring on Springtime!!!! Oh, and I too loved that post that Beth Twist did.... Got me to thinking too...

  10. Happy Valentine's Day Charlene! I am glad that the pipes thawed out.
    Eliza looks great!!

  11. Frozen pipes no fun--hope no damage to your home. Eliza is beautiful--she will be a treasure for you to enjoy for years

  12. Thankfully, (knock on wood) I haven't had frozen pipes. Just a lot of snow. I had a snow day today. Where is Spring? lol


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