Friday, December 21, 2012

Nearing Christmas

Hey, Friends!

We have all been horrified by the tragic events at the Sandy Hook School.  Here is a link to make a small contribution to an effort to welcome back the entire school.  

A couple of Saturdays ago my LNS,
Stitch and Frame, had their holiday drop in.  At checkout there was a drawing for a percentage off.  My pick was 15% - WooHoo!  I got several pieces of linen, a LHN ornament, and a few miscellaneous tools and supplies.  THEN I had my birthday discount – which is 20%.   I got Eliza Scattergood with her linen and silks – Paulette’s Plum Street Sampler designs always appeal to me.

Here’s my recent stitching update:  The first of CHN Santa’s Village, Santa’s House, is stitched.  One little change – the smoke from the chimneys from white to blue/gray DMC 169, and I chose not to use the button, but rather stitched the star.  Today I picked up the second in the series, Poinsettia Place. I also finished Bah, Humbug by Sue Hollis Designs. It was a gift, and Edgar seemed very pleased.

Isn’t age a funny thing?  On my birthday I didn’t feel any different than I did yesterday.  Maybe that’s why when asked my age, there’s a noticeable pause while I calculate.   A day or so before, we were having a group/staff luncheon and the room is typically used with a TV and camera for distance meetings, etc.  I glanced up and happened to catch a glimpse of myself at a different angle, and I thought, who is that woman.  To me this means I need some sort of change in appearance – I don’t look like I feel. 

I have made the decision not to participate in the TuSAL anymore since I have usually been late if remembering at all.  I will continue to save my Orts in the glass ornaments which  started in 2008.  When you’re flying through your list of blogs, do you notice the tab / pages the owner has?   Lots of times there are sale pages, tutorials, as well as other things of interest to the owner.  As with my yearly finishes, there will be an Orts tab if anyone really wants to see them.

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!
Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous season!

I'm grateful  for a new washer and dryer !

and Happy Stitching


  1. Happy Birthday Charlene. A new washer and dryer is great.

  2. I always have to calculate my age too! lol! Happy birthday! Love your stitching -- that Bah Humbug ornie is so cute!

  3. Happy Birthday! I saw your Humbug stitch on Edgar's blog - so cute! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Happy birthday girl!!!! Age is just a number...... That's what I have to keep reminding myself..... Great stitches and I love the PSS project you got withe your birthday discount.... Can't wait to see it unfold!!!! Now go have some birthday cake!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, we ae all still 21 inside !!!

  6. Happy Birthday Charlene! I understand exactly what you mean about not feeling any different.
    Your stitching is lovely. It sounds like you got some wonderful new stash.
    Merry Christmas!!

  7. Happy birthday, Charlene!! As we've received Christmas cards this year, some with photos, I've said to DH, "Wow, they are getting older looking!". Then I realize that I am, too. Egads.

    Lovely stitching!

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Well...happy birthday! Sounds like it has some good benefits with all of the new stash you got! Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and happy stitching....

  9. Happy Birthday dear Charlene :)
    And Have a very Merry Christmas!!! and a wonderful Winter Thyme!
    The Primitive Hare

  10. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and best wishes for a Merry Christmas, too! Love your latest finishes also.

  11. ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday, Charlene ♫♪♫ (Just a bit late!!) So nice that you were able to snag that discount for your birthday month! I'm the same as you--I really have to think twice about my age when I'm asked... Hard to believe I'm heading toward 60!

    The ornament for Edgar is adorable--sometimes we feel that way this time of year, that's for sure!! Your first block of the SAL is adorable--you'll enjoy this one all year, that's for sure.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, my friend!

  12. I wish you a very Merry peaceful Christmas my dear friend :)
    Snowy hugs

  13. Happy beltated Birthday. I think you look fantastic and as everyone else says, age is just a number. Great finishes and it sounds like you did great at your LNS and picked up lots of new stash.


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