Friday, February 24, 2012

Love continues...

Hey, Friends!
Have you heard about International Hermit & Stitchers Weekend?  Well I’ve stumbled across it and realize it was last weekend.  I certainly did participate, even though I didn’t know it. My IHSW meant not leaving the house – or more accurately, didn’t get in the car!  I’ve put a button on my sidebar, and will try to post the dates (third weekend) there as I think about it.  You can click here or there to learn more about it. 
So, other than stitching what did I do?  Watched season one of Downton Abbey in its entirety! I had seen so many comments on lists and blogs about it, I had to reactivate Netflix to see what it was all about!  It is really good, and hopefully they will have season two soon – even though it just ended last week.  I read that  Shirley McClain will be joining the cast next season as the American mother!  
I've also started season five (the last) of The Wire.  They are nothing alike as this one is all about Baltimore police, drugs, and politics.  I'm sorry to see it come to an end, but there are only so many stories to tell.  
There was a new moon this week, so my TuSAL is posted over in the right sidebar.  As you’ve seen there has been a lot of Valentine stitching going on, so there’s a good bit of pink to red added this month!  But I’m thinking of moving on to ‘the green’ next!

Here’s a photo of my Lizzie*Kate, Love is Best, stitched on mystery 36ct linen with various DMC fibers.  Would you believe I didn’t stitch a single thread last night?  No, me either.  Had a few things to do, and if I ever pick up that needle, that’s it for the evening. 
Thanks for all your recent visits and comments.  They make me smile!  Hope you all have a nice stitching weekend.  We’re under tornado watch today – it’s supposed to be in the low 70s, then back to low 50s for tomorrow!    
I'm grateful for stitching blogger friends
and Happy Stitching


  1. Weird question: what color is on your toenails? Is that a silver metallic?

  2. Nice stitching on the L*K! I'm a Downton Abbey fan too, waiting impatiently for season 3 to be made... Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm playing catch-up on Downton Abbey, too - LOVE it! Your LK progress is great! Love the nail color.

  4. I'm finding that the Hermit weekend is fun whether you are truly a hermit, or have friends over to join you. Plus afterward a lot of those who also signed up will visit your blog. Win, win, win!

    Hope all is OK down there. We are having some really heavy winds this afternoon and into evening. We had some snow/ice pellets earlier. It's kind of like March weather a little early.

    Have a good weekend.


  5. love hermitting :) got lots done as was away with a fellow stitcher BLISS :) and glad you enjoyed DA :) hope the tornado's miss you :) love mouse xxxx

  6. oh Yes!!Downton Abbey is great! As is Cranford and Return to Cranford and a bunch of others I love to watch!! Plus any Jane Austen!! Great stitching movies! Yes, I hermit... such fun! Sure like that Lizzie Kate one--gotta see if I have it somewhere! Hugs!

  7. Looking good! Hope you have a great stitchy weekend.

    Since you have Netflix, check out "Bleak House" with Gillian Anderson. This was a great little miniseries too from a couple of years back.

  8. Now that Downton Abbey is done for a while, we're wondering what to do on Sunday evenings. LOL Love your Lizzie Kate; those are always nice patterns, aren't they?

  9. Nice Lizze Kate! So cute! I love Downton Abbey! If you go to the Downton Abbey website, they're showing the season 2 full episodes online for a short time. I assume they're still there -- go see! I agree with Karen -- Bleak House is really good! Amazing how they changed it from the book, but still good.

  10. I've heard so much about Downton Abbey - makes me think I should give it a try. :)
    Lovely stitching on your Lizzie Kate piece!

  11. Another Lizzie*Kate that I don't have but I am going to have to get! That is a very cute one and of course stitched beautifully!

  12. I love Downton Abbey...I don't know how I'll be able to wait until next January for season 3! And The Wire is one of my favorite series! I'll be interested to know what you think of season 5...your LK is lovely!

  13. Love your L*K finish! It's so pretty.

    I missed out totally on the first series of Downton Abby and came into the second one so far through and loved it! The Christmas special was brilliant too.

  14. There was so much bad weather yesterday! Hope you are safe & sound today.

    I love Downton Abbey. The second season was good and I'm really looking forward to the 3rd already.

    Darling Lizzie*Kate finish!

  15. I adore Downton, not long before season three, woohoo.

  16. I love Downton too! You can go to the PBS website and watch the latest season. I watched season 1 on Netflix and then went to the PBS site to watch the 2 episodes I had missed of season 2. Lovely stitching! Isn't our weather just crazy?!

  17. We are huge Downton Abbey fans! I've been encouraging my older daughter to watch it--she missed it as she's away at college--I hope she'll get into it.

    Love the L*K!

  18. Lovely stitching on your L*K. Hmm... I really need to check out Downton Abbey. Been hearing so much about it lately.


  19. I almost dread spring, what with the weird weather lurking!
    Your LK is so cute.
    As for Downton Abby..omg..i love all British mini series set back in time! I didn't get to catch the last episode, but I did see the DVD for the second season in Sam's the time, I did not know I was going to miss it..I don't think I can wait for NetFlix to get it in! I've watched Season one several times.

  20. Hi there Charlene. It looks I am always late to your party of blog postings. I think I could get a nomination for an award from the ISHW gang. LOL. Every day is a hermit day for me lately.
    Lizzie Kate looks very good and hope to see it finished.

  21. I just love DA! And Season 2 is better than season 1. :) Lovely stitching - hope you girls are having fun stitching today!


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