Monday, December 26, 2011

Final 2011 TuSAL

Hey, Friends!
Dropping in to say it was a very nice Christmas – thanks to all of you for your Merry Wishes, and to my dear mom and son who made it bearable. They both seemed pleased with their gifts, and I most certainly was.  DS got me a Keurig coffee maker that is totally nice!
  Mom asked for some hints, so I asked for the cubby as seen on Diane’s LHN blog from Pottery Barn. DS used the tools I got him to hang it for me, and it’s just about full.  She also gave me a wonderful surprise.  I’ve always loved and admired a sweet square, glass candy dish she’s had as long as I remember. It was inside a round, red box that had been under her tree for a long time.  She ‘was going to’ give it to me as a birthday gift, but decided to save it for Christmas. I’m so glad she did, and I love it dearly!

It’s time for the final New Moon of 2011:   R eminder:   TuSAL is in the side bar this year à  If you would like to join in 2012, just go to Daffy Cat's site here and leave a comment.

Are you all signed up for 2012 Challenges?  I watched as so many of you made fantastic progress in 2011, but I just can’t put that pressure on.  Unlike my typical self, I’ve got several projects started now, and they’ve got to be caught up!  I did join in the Blackbird Designs group challenge, but won’t commit to twelve.
As a summary of 2011, you can take a peek at this page, that says 29.  There just HAS to be something I’ve left out; right?  As hard as I try to keep the list up to date, I’ll go for months without updating it, then I’ve forgotten…  Oh, well – not so many details in 2012, so maybe it will be easier to keep up.

I appreciate y’all and look forward to watching all your projects’ progress in 2012.

and Happy Stitching


  1. Nice gifts! I haven't signed up for any challenges. Don't know if I could handle any! lol!

  2. ooo lovely gifts and up soo soon too :)I'm doing the crazy challenge for next year ...I finished this years one *VBG and looking forward to starting soon ... I wrote everything down I needed to do and highlighted them once finished and counted up and coooooo done 61 finishes this year (some were very very small so I shall wish you a very merry stitchy new year and look forward to seeing your starts and finishes too :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Love the cubby! What a lovely surprise from your Mom, the candy dish you have admired for years. A cherised gift. I love your stitching projects from this past year & your WIPS. Looking forward to seeing your stitching projects for 2012.

  4. Happy After! Love the cubby cabinet, and the glass candy dish is so sweet (!)... I love crystal, glassware and antique china. Someday I may blog about some of MY favorite pieces! I am NOT joining any challenges. I did join in the LHN Elizabeth Hancock sampler SAL, but there is no time limit to finishing it! Heck I don't even have the pattern yet! I do have a lot of UFO's I want to complete this year, and will TRY to stitch only from my stash. But don't hold me to it!! Hugs!

  5. I am glad you posted this because I thought that I had already posted 12 times and that I didn't need to do anymore. OOPS Guess I will try and get that done tomorrow!

    Lovely gifts and ones that are from the heart - I love it!

    Have a Happy New Year

  6. Oh, I love your new Pottery Barn piece, Charlene. I've always had a thing for little cubbies and organizer things--must be the librarian in me! And what a wonderful gift the candy dish is... I love sentimental things gifts like that the best!

    No challenges for me other than my ornament a month thing continuing!! I like stitching to be relaxed and non-stressful and I know if I joined a challenge, I would put too much pressure on myself.

    Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  7. I'm glad that you had a good Christmas, Charlene. i know how bittersweet that first Christmas can be.

    Challenges... the only one that I joined was the WIPocalypse. I have learned that I stink at challenges in general and am more productive without too many rules. I'll enjoy watching your progress, and am off to check the BBD challenge, though! ;)

  8. Love your sweet dish very pretty. I'm with you on the challenges don't think I could handle that kind of pressure either. I do take part in some exchanges and really enjoy them, meeting the deadlines is enough pressure for me.

  9. Looks like you had a good Christmas! Love your little curio cabinet...very neat!

    Hope you have a great stitchy break....


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