Thursday, December 29, 2011

Short Update

Hey, Friends!
Sitting with a cuppa is so easy and brings so much pleasure using the Keurig coffee maker DS gave me.  I was planning to go out today to take for exchange a couple of things and a bit of business, but stitching is so much more fun!
I couldn’t resist stitching the BBD ‘Joy’ RAC I received before Christmas  with those gorgeous Belle Soile silks – wonderful, almost fluffy.  See the plans for finishing?  Thank you again – whoever you are.  It was a Joy, indeed!
Edited to add, Victorian Motto (chenille pictured) is having a giving away on New Year's Day!  Link on sidebar --> 

I have also been stitching away on the last couple of pieces for 2011 – had to get over that 30 mark.  Winter Row – just a bit short so I improvised and snuggled the snowman into the last few of the alphabet.  

Did I tell you about the silk fibers I got from Amy Mitten,Fibers to Dye For? They are called Smooth Operator, and simply luscious!  I used them on the Merry Christmas ornie that’s stitched but not finished.

I’m trying to make a list – not a challenge – of some of the things I want to stitch for 2012.  We’ll see how this works out!

Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate y’all and look forward to watching all your projects’ progress in 2012.

and Happy Stitching  


  1. Your bbd looks fantastic. So does the row and the ornament.
    Looking forward to see your list .
    Wishing you a blessed 2012

  2. lovely projects with lots of nice floss :) pwetty indeed :D

  3. Beautiful BBD 'Joy', I love the colors. Winter Row is so cute & the fabric color is perfect for winter. Love all your new threads. Happy Stitching!!

  4. Love that BBD 'Joy".
    I'm not doing a challenge either for 2012. Just working on stuff.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.

    Many stitches.

  5. Love all the stitching! I love Amy Mitten's fibers. They are so nice to work with! Happy New Year!

  6. love your finishes! Joy is lovely ... wasn't it a fun stitch?! I finished mine last week.

  7. I have wanted to try those fibers!! You will have to lmk how you liked them.... I, too, need to pencil my 2012 list down...There is SO much I want to stitch and I have most already on hand....I had better get busy and work out of my stash this year!! And did I hear you mention you getting a Keurig? Dontcha love it!?? I got a new slicker model for Christmas also...So, the one I already had is now in the craft room....Yes, we are rotton!! tee-hee...

    Take care my friend and I hope you ring in the New Year peacefully and are blessed throughout the year!!!

    Take care, Faye

  8. As always, lovely stitching. I have all four seasonal rows--even have the fabric for winter row! Guess I could get that done quick enough, eh? I look forward to seeing your list. I may attempt something like that this weekend, when I have time off finally!! This has been the longest week! Happy New Year!

  9. Beautiful stitching, Charlene. I love the colours of Joy. Very cheerful. Winter Row is cute too and the silks look so luscious!


  10. Fantastic stitching, Charlene! I really love the BBD ornament--I need to get that stitched soon. I'm hoping to be able to stitch ornaments throughout the year but I say that every year and by January 15, I'm packing stuff away. LOL I'm hoping!

    I am making lists for 2012, too. I have the WIPocalypse stuff sorted but have a list a mile long of things that I want to start, too. I need to invest in some speed needles! LOL

    Happy new year!

  11. Beautiful projects Charlene! I'm having fun deciding what to stitch next year, but I just have a mental list. I look forward to seeing what you will stitch. Happy New Year!

  12. Charlene - very nice. Love the BBD ornie. I scanned it and printed the pic on my color printer and used this for my gift tag this year. Marty

  13. I love All your projects. Belle Soie if a favourite silk of mine.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy New Year, may it bring you gifts of joy, health and happiness and lots of stitching time for you.

  14. ooooo lovely stitching and glad you give a good review on the Amy Mittens Fibres to dye for.. threads ,... have got a sampler that uses them and haven't ordered them before ... hope you have a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxx

  15. Great progress on Joy. I just finished mine the other day. Love it! just need to "finish" it now but i want ot do that this weekend once the craft room is cleaned up a bit. LOL

  16. You've been a busy girl. I love snowman row. Happy New Year Girl!
    Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2012.

  17. All your stitching is so pretty and that finishing fabric for the BBD piece is perfect! We got a Keurig for Christmas too and I just love it. Happy New Year!

  18. I stitched those little snowmen - I need to get it framed !!!!

    Love your work ;)

  19. Love that winter row, Charlene. Hope you have a great New Year, much better than the last one!

  20. Love that sweet little "joy" bird, so delicate. Beautiful!


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