Saturday, November 12, 2011


11.13.11 updated to add finished pic
Hey, Friends!
The leaves have mostly fallen today, but a few days ago I caught some colors of fall at home 2011.  They are so beautiful… the golden maple held her leaves long enough to turn, and the burning bushes are truly ablaze!
Remember I said I’d be stitching a few ornies?  I’ve decided to pick up with the Little House Needlework ornies I started last year – on 28 ct over one.  I just love ‘em!
Instead of stitching a lot the last few days, I’ve been searching for the little sticker that goes on the license plate – I have the registration side, but not the sticker – what on earth did I do with it?
This week my new phone came – it’s an iPhone.  You probably don’t know (or care) but I’ve been a Blackberry person for quite some time, so this is my first adventure with the touch screen.  It has been ok, but I Am glad to have Siri – the  assistant I can chat with for problems!  Who would have ever thought it possible?
Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate all your words of kindness and humor!
I hope you have a delightful autumn weekend – watching football, playing in the yard, traveling, stitching, or whatever else with those you love!

and Happy Stitching


  1. I like your new header, it's very nice. :)

  2. lovely fall photo :) and way to go over one on the ornaments ... hope you find your sticker .... and enjoy your new phone .. I'm just upgrading to a blackberry atm :) love mouse xxxx

  3. Pretty fall foliage Charlene!! We have about half our leaves fallen. Raking will be soon....

    I love your ornies and over 1..~~ Wow!!! Have a great weekend and go Panters on Sunday!!!

  4. Your golden maple and burning bushes are glorious indeed, Charlene ~ such rich and vibrant colours... I do so love the colours of autumn...

    And lovely and delicate over one stitching ~ can't wait to see your ornaments...

    I have been a blackberry person for years as well... but I really love the new iPhones ~ they look pretty amazing... And good luck with finding your license plate sticker~ I do that all the time... I just thought, ask Siri ~ who knows, the darn thing is so smart it may know just where you stashed it... :) Have a lovely weekend, Charlene~~~ Blessings always in stitches...

  5. love your ornie over 1. :) and love love love the picture of the leaves changing colors, that doesn't happen here in the Phoenix area. LOL So i love to see it everywhere else. Have fun with your Iphone. I love mine and still learning tricks on it. We have the iphone 4 (3g) sounds like you got hte new 4s (with the assistant) can't wait to see how you like it.

  6. Those burning bushes are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. The Carolinas are truly beautiful in the fall. Lovely start on your ornie.

  8. Your picture of Autumn is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy stitching your ornaments - I think they look so pretty over one. Crossing our fingers the Panthers win!

  9. What beautiful leaves. The leaves here didn't last long so its nice to see some vibrant colors. Have fun with the LHN ornies. They are adorable and will look great on your tree.

  10. What a pretty picture of the fall leaves. The colors are gorgeous! Nice stitching on your LHN ornament. :)

  11. Hi toots, crazy over one lady that you are! I threw out the envelope from the tax disc people the first year we were in the States.........nobody told me you had to get the sticker off it and then put it on the car :( One day I am going to write the book - The Distressed Brits' Guide to the USA - lol! Well done on the ornaments.

  12. Travelling Upstate yesterday, we were able to enjoy some of the beautiful leaves!

    Kudos on a your ornament finish... you are the queen of over one! Can't wait to see what's next.

    I am off to cozy up under my afghan and stitch all day while enjoying some football.

    Hope you have a good week.... and find your decal! Usually it is attached to the other side that you tear away from the registration.

  13. Hi Charlene,
    Love the ornie. She's beautiful.
    I can send you some of this wind to get those leaves going. LOL. Hate those dust storms here.
    My phone too is just about to go on the blink, but keep hanging on to it. Don't ask me why:-)????
    TFS your work. I enjoy seeing.

  14. Aren't you glad to live in a part of the country that enjoys all the lovely autumn colors, Charlene? What a beautiful photo...

    Love your little ornament--so, so teeny and cute!

    My husband just got the new iPhone, too, and we've all been having fun asking Siri questions. Ask her "What is the meaning of life"--too funny!!

  15. What a beautiful autumnal picture! Love the colors. Almost all of our leaves have fallen & what remains are brown so it's pretty dreary here. Your ornament is soooo cute! Over one--it's going to be amazing!

  16. I love your autumnal photo. It is so pretty. I love this time of year when the leaves are turning.

    Your LHN ornament is gorgeous.

  17. Lovely ornament, well done! And congrats on acquiring an iPhone, enjoy!

  18. I absolutely love the little ornaments! I can't wait to see how you finish them for hanging.
    Oh no! You lost your sticker??
    Me too..I'm a die-hard Blackberrie user and not sure I could do with the touchscreen, though my family all have touchscreens. I even have a keyboard hooked up to my iPad. :)
    Is there anything prettier than the fall colors? Your burning bushes and maple are so beautiful!

  19. I think the storms that went through here today on their way towards you did in the rest of our leaves :( But we did have a very long display this year - made the drive home every day exciting!

    Love the ornie - I thought I'd do more this year, before the Finish-itis set in :) I guess that's a fair trade!

  20. I love the colours at this time of year they are just so pretty. Your stitching looks great.


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