Sunday, November 6, 2011

Falling Back

Hey, Friends!
Did you set your clock back last night or this morning? 
Yes, going back to work was fairly tough, but the week is over and now back into the routine.  There were good things to go back to… we’re back to fully staffed now – yeah – for the first time in several years!  The pressure relief  was honestly noticeable, and I guess the rest from being away helped some on that front, too.
I made a couple more of the little string catchers for practice.  

You’ve asked to see my progress with Mary Gibson, so here she is – not nearly as far along as I’d hoped, but ...  I’ll say it’s just less than one quarter finished. I’m going to finish the page I’m working on, then will turn my attention to a few Christmas ornies to share stitching time.

 Did you see that Diane at Little House Needleworks has decided to carry on with the monthly ornaments she’s created for the last two years?  Of course you know that The Twisted Stitcher, Vonna,  is the talented artist who finishes them; right?  If luck and hope holds out, I’m trying to get to meet her this year… more on that later!
Now I’m going to hop around to see what you’ve all been up to.  Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate all your words of kindness!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Hello again! I would say you have mastered the art of making the thread catchers! Nice jobs! Also wanted to say LOVE the animation of Pixie in your sidebar! One of my two granddogs is a black toy poodle named Thor--he is six. His adopted brother is an apricot toy and he is about three we guess. My daughter and her family love those dogs!! Hugs!

  2. I think your ort catchers are just lovely! Great progress on your sampler!

  3. Your thread catchers are adorable! I LOVE your progress on Mary, too--stunning!

  4. I love falling back, but hate springing forward! Why do we need daylight savings time again?? Love your thread catchers and your progress on Mary!! :)

  5. Mary is looking good! Thankful to fall back too!

  6. The thread catchers are really cute. I pop in from time to time but I'm usually too darn lazy to leave a comment (my bad!)

    You've done some really nice needle work lately. But then, you always do nice work!

    Take care of you and Pixie. Miss ya lots and lots.

  7. Love your little thread catchers and your progress on Mary is looking good. I would love to meet Vonna too, she is very talented and I have used some of her finishing instructions and they are great so easy to follow and they are very clear.

  8. Your string catchers are cute ~ definitely better than the cup I use. :) Lovely stitching on Mary!

  9. love the thread catchers! i forgot where you said you got the pattern from when we were in MB. I am wanting to make some as well if possible. Great progress on your sampler too!

  10. Thank goodness for "falling back" ~ my body never adjusts to daylight savings time... And Oh, what Sweet ORT catchers, Charlene ~ And oh, my but Mary is LOVELY ~ you are making wonderful and beautiful progress... I was glad to hear Diane was continuing with the ornaments for next year~ they are all lovely...and I was glad to hear work was less stressful for you~~~ Tootles for now and Blessings always in stitches...

  11. Love the thread catchers! And nice stitching. :)

  12. Those thread catchers are very cute, and Mary is beautiful! Glad you had a good break.

  13. Those thread catchers are gorgeous Charlene:) Love Mary too.

  14. Ahhhh Charlene. Your practice string catchers are looking lovely. Don't practice anymore. Gift them. LOL.
    Mary Gibson piece is lovely and glad Diane and Vonna will continue the ornies.

    Take care.


  15. I like your little string catchers! Nice job.


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