Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hey, Friends!
I am thankful for each and every one and wish you all a fulfilling Thanksgiving season. 
On my agenda is planning the menu and shopping (I did already buy the turkey), cleaning house, and cooking.  But you know those tasks don’t usually stop me from stitching…  
Finished a couple of Little House Needleworks Ornaments on28ct Monoco.  I love these little ornies stitched over one.  I added Joy to the World to the last post, and here is Under the Tree.  Marsha asked how I finish these little things, that usually turn out to be roughly 3x3 – some a bit smaller or larger.  Here’s a link to a few that I finished last year. I’m thinking the Merry Skater is next on the drawing board. Wouldn't you think I'd really 'finish' before posting?  Duh... I will repost... here it is with popcorn.  
From 11.12.11
I’ve been searching for the little sticker that goes on the license plate – what on earth did I do with it?
Were some of you praying to St. Anthony and holding positive thoughts for me?  Found it!  It was in a stack of mail that was on top of the recycle bin… Moral of this story is – don’t take the decal apart from the registration form until it is affixed to the license plate!!
Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate all your words of kindness!  What have you been up to? I’m going visiting now.
and Happy Stitching


  1. Glad you found your sticker. Nice stitching, I like small pieces as well. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi Charlene! I think I have done ONE of last year's LHN ornaments so far! But doing them over one is a great idea! Yours are adorable! I enjoy over one on 25 count (haven't tried 28 yet!)so will be giving it a try soon! Glad you found the sticker!! Hugs!

  3. Your over one LHN finishes are adorable, Charlene! I've only done one of them so far (Fa La La), but I really should do more--they are so cute and tiny when stitched over one.

    Wishing you and your family a lovely Thanksgiving-sounds like you're well prepared :)

  4. wooo hooo you found it :) and lovely stitching too ... hope you have a fab thanksgiving :) can you come and tidy and clean here too ;) just finished my ornaments for my exchanges and also Fa la la LHN for me .. not made it up yet as don't know how to finish it for me :) love mouse xxxx

  5. I'm with you, those LHN ornaments are adorable stitched over 1. I just found one I'd stitched a year or 2 ago, but never finished. Maybe this year it will make it onto the tree.

  6. Your ornament is darling!

    Boy do I understand your sticker issue. We got our property tax bill in two weeks ago, and I can not find it. Had to go to the courthouse Friday to ask for another copy. How dumb is that??

  7. I'm so sad. You've gone completely over to the dark side! Cross-Stitch looks good, though.

  8. Love those LHN ornaments! I have a few and have yet to stitch one! What's wrong with me?? lol I like the idea of stitching them over 1. I may have to whip one out and try it!
    Glad you found your sticker. Those things are small and pesky lol
    Hugs to little Pixie from Tyler(my mini poodle)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Love your ornaments, Charlene. Am SO impressed that you willingly stitch over one! Glad, too, that you found your if I'd only find my grocery list!

  10. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love looking through your blog -- beautiful stitching! And hey -- I want to get an iPhone 4S so badly. lol! I'm an Apple girl all the way, but I don't have a smartphone. Haven't gotten one yet, and I want one now! Congrats -- hope you enjoy Siri and your new iPhone! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. Love your LHN ornaments Charlene.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  12. Such patience, stitching over one. Lovely!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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