Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to Reality

Hey, Friends!
Happy Halloween

So it’s the last day of my fall vacation, and no, I’m not honestly excited about going back to work.  That being said, the winter is really not so bad since Thanksgiving will be here soon with some days off, then Christmas break, and with any luck there will be a snow day here or there…  Speaking of snow; how about those folks who are having a White Halloween?  This has really been a weird weather year; hasn’t it?  But then again, aren’t they all?
I did finish the stitching of Pumpkin Row by Chessie  and Me and the little crow fob that goes along with it.  The linen is R&R 30ct Spellbound Green and it is stitched over one.
Did you see some of the finishes that have been posted lately?  Karen finished her ‘Cast a Spell’ box, and it’s a real beauty!    Siobhan finished HER adaptation of Garden of Eerie by Plum Street Sampler. Don't they make you want to go pull them out of your stash right now?
Hey PALS - if you haven’t completed your survey from Springmaid, would you add a comment about having a small, pet friendly space available?
Thanks everyone for dropping in and leaving comments.  Please know that I appreciate each and every one!  I’ll be going back into my ‘every once in a while posting’ mode now that vacation is over, so see ya’ next time.
and Happy Stitching


  1. Oh, I love pumpkins and your Pumpkin Row is absolutely gorgeous, Charlene! Your magic needle was flying on this one... I'm going to have to add this to my stash soon... There have indeed been so many lovely finishes of late... It is truly inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing your next update on Mary Gibson... I hope to spend most of the afternoon and evening stitching today... Wishing you a lovely day with lots of peaceful stitching thyme... Blessings always in stitches.

  2. Kudos on your finish! That was a quick stitch. Love the green fabric too. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Sorry you have to return to work but hope you have a good stitchy week!

  3. It is tough returning to work after time off and it seems the more days off the harder it is. Love Pumpkin Row on the green linen! I agree that it is inspirational to see amazing finishes, makes my fingers tingle to get stitching.

  4. No fun ending a vacation! But a cool finish!

  5. Yay! Great looking finish Charlene! Hope work is not too stressful for you. Mine has been. This weekend I have been trying to catch up, but it just keeps piling up! Congrats on the over-one finish---is beautiful! Hugs!

  6. Such a cute finish! Love that little crow! Hope work hasn't piled up too much when you get back!

  7. Love your finish, the pumpkins are really just too cute. It is always hard to go back to work. I was back on Tuesday morning, it was pretty tough, what with jet lag and just generaly tiredness after late nights etc. But worth it for the fun time at the beach.

  8. You've been busy with that needle, Charlene. Over one, too, wow! Nice work!

  9. Pumpkin Row looks so good on the green linen and your over one stitching is beautiful. That is a sweet little crow too. :)

  10. baaa humbug to going back to work .. love your chessie and me piece .. gorgeous green fabbie that is :) hope work is n't too bad for you :0 love mouse xxxx

  11. Sorry the end of your vacation arrived, Charlene. I took today off and am so enjoying it!

    Cute crow finishes :)

  12. I love your Pumpkin Row on the green fabric. It looks fantastic.

    Sorry your vacation came to end too soon. It always seems that way doesn't it.

  13. Great stitching, both finishes are just gorgeous!

  14. Thanks for the shout out! :) I LOVE love love your finishes! I don't know that I've seen that design before--super cute. I am determined to do some seasonal stitching this coming year. I was disgusted with myself when I saw my piddly attempt at Halloween smalls. Two gifts from friends and my one Stacy Nash pillow from last year--that was it. I will do better next year!

    Hope you enjoyed your break. My kids go back tomorrow and I'm sad--I miss their company.


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