Saturday, October 15, 2011

Exciting Times

Hey, Friends!
I’m guessing everyone is just as excited as I am about PALS this week!  I can hardly wait to see all the friends, get my toes into the sand, watch the mystic ocean and gorgeous sun rise and set, and stitch, stitch, stitch till my butt’s numb and heart’s content!  I won’t be participating in the exchanges and other fun swaps unless some true magic happens.  There just has not been time to finish goodies to get prepared, but I will be there rooting for everyone to get all the pieces they want.  Another additional treat?  It’s hard to believe that Paulette from PlumStreet Samplers and Tanya from The Scarlett House will be there.  Woo Hoo! Wonder who else may show up this year?  Remember last year there was a comic show going on, and who dropped in one evening but Superman! 
Once again I’ll say Thank You to everyone who has sent their condolences, prayers, positive thoughts, cards, and especially the love I’ve felt.  All these have surely gotten us through to this time.  You’re all such special friends, even though I’ve never met many of you, and I send my hugs and love back to you!
Today will be Mom’s first day back at work yes, she works at the Wal-Mart as a greeter, and she is quite mixed about going back.  The ‘first day’ jitters, you know, but I’ve tried to encourage her that she will feel better when she gets back among her friends and in the public.  She’s of the social type, unlike her daughter J.  Mom has never been a very confident driver, although she did make it to the beauty shop for her weekly hair appointment yesterday, on her own.  I’ve been taking her on Saturday morning, but since she was going back to work today  Anyway, she has made arrangements to ride with a coworker, only to have to drive when there may be a conflict.
Public Service Announcement:  Please, please make sure every member of your family knows how important it is to get all their records and important documents together.  We all KNOW it is important, but are they gathered?  End PSA  .And now I get to go face a mountain of paperwork.  
Take care everyone have a wonderful fall weekend, doing the things you love.  
Be safe traveling to the coast, PALS, and we’ll see you there!

and Happy Stitching


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  2. Sorry--found an error on the post and deleted it! Any way.... Oh yes! I am excited! Also about to go nuts trying to get everything done! It will be loads of fun, I can just tell! I do know what you mean about the paperwork... went through it twice with my parents. But that reminds me that we need to update our wills, now that the children are grown. New arrangements to be made. Something else to think about! Hugs!

  3. Have fun at PALS, Charlene. That sounds like fun!

  4. So excited...will be there Thursday afternoon! Haven't had time to do the exchanges either so it will be fun to just stitch!!!!

    hope you have a safe trip...

    Will keep your mom in my thoughts and hope she can cope with work and all.

  5. Will miss seeing you this year, but hopefully soon! Have a blast!!

  6. Have a great time at PALS, Charlene! You deserve the down time. I hope your mom is doing well and adjusting to being back at work. Thinking of you all!


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