Saturday, October 30, 2010

PALS - Two

More from the PALS Fall Fling…  There was a Mary Kay conference next door for a couple of nights, and we could hear their singing and cheer practice…  Downstairs there was an X-Con Expo, and they were a lot less noticeable! Well, except for our visitor – we noticed a ‘character’ meandering outside the room while many of the stitchers had gone out for dinner.  In a little while he stepped inside and asked, would anyone happen to have a safety pin?  Yes – what did he think from a room full of stitchers?  I suppose he just could not be contained in his costume – it was none other than Superman! 
I’ve seen several updates from others who attended the retreat, and it looks like everyone had a blast!   Here are links to blogs of a few I had not visited before.

On Thursday night we had the Halloween/Autumn swap.  We were given tickets, and when your number was drawn, you could choose any ornament remaining on the table.  These are the ones I stitched for this theme - left is from The Stitcherhood, right is from Just Cross Stitch Halloween - designed by Plum Street Samplers.
On Friday night, we had the Goodie Grab Bag swap.  We were encouraged to make the bag look as inviting as possible because it was handled like a white elephant swap – others could steal your choice.  I forgot to take a photo of what mine included, but Dawn-NC said she liked it.  It had lots of goodies like a small hornbook board, mother of pearl thread keeps, m-o-p buttons, silk fibers, and other miscellaneous goodies.   After seeing some of the others creativity, I certainly will be more prepared next time!
On Saturday morning I had registered for one class, The Witch is In, with Louise Henderson.  I did stitch the front of the etui, but that’s about as much progress as I’ve made.  It is so cute, I will want to finish it sometime soon.
Saturday night was the Christmas Ornament and Stitched Item swap. 

The ornaments were again ticket drawings (left - stitched with Sulky antique Christmas) (right- JCS 2010 by Glory Bee), but the Stitched Item was a real treat.  The instructions seemed to make sure you wouldn’t keep the one you started with. Take one, then pass it down, give another to the other one around… Great fun.  I stitched the Needle and Thread scissor bed, and Beth wound up with it.  I am so happy she got it since she seems really pleased.     

What did I stitch during all this great time?  I almost finished the BBD Waiting for the Harvest - yet to do my initials.  Instead of the called for fiber, I used a limited edition Gentle Arts brown and DMC 4130 for the pumpkins and initials.  
As I said, the front of The Witch is In,   and I started the LaDDa Freebie, One-Two, Buckle My Shoe.  The stitching is complete, but not the finish. 

And now I'm working on Blue Ribbon Designs, Blessed Beyond Measure stitch starter sleeve.  The front is stitched and will do the back soon.

As I said before, I had such a great time, and will definetly go back again... only wish it were sooner!     I just had to bring a little something as Thanks for encouraging me to go to Faye (Hugs with a tatted dragonfly for her pink basket) and Carolyn (Autumn pumpkins - Stitcherhood) to Amy (Down Sunshine Lane)  (Red and Black -Not a day complete - Stitcherhood) for coordinating such a wonderful event, and to Stephanie for rooming with me (JCS 2010 Christmas Robin). 

Thanks for stopping by today for a visit.  I'd love to hear your Needler's Point (comment). 
and Happy Stitching


  1. Looks like you came home with some great pieces. Your stitching is beautiful. The pieces I came home with are sitting on my stitching table. I've been admiring them. :-)
    Hopefully next year I'll get to bring home a piece stitched by you.
    Please post a pic of "The Witch Is In" when you finish. Can't wait to see it.

  2. Sounds like you had a blast neighbor! you have some great pics :) Thanks for sharing :)

  3. It's been great fun reading all the blogs of those who went but you're the first to show a pic of Superman!

    Your stitched items look beautiful and the ones who received them are very lucky.

    I never would have thought to stitch the bird from this year's JCS ornie issue but I love your pic of it so now it's on my list.

  4. It was great to meet you Charlene! and i LOVED your stitching tray you showed us, beautiful! all the stitched goodies you brought were wonderful! I have finally started my witch is in and put it away for now (after starting on the over 1 moon). LOL

  5. It was great seeing you again. Your stitched pieces are great and I'm glad to see your exchange pieces since I didn't see all of them each night. Your gave and received some great stuff.

  6. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! Love your pieces-given and rec'd. Happy Halloween!

  7. Waou what a lot of pretty jobs!I'm found of them!Couson

  8. Charlene!!!! You won the $35 CSN shopping spree!! Congrats!!! They will contact you. Please send me your email addy TY!!!

  9. Wow - all the stitching and exchanges are just beautiful!

  10. It sounds like it was a lot of fun!! I love all the stitching and exchanges.

  11. What beautiful finishes and exchanges.


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