Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey, Friends!
Thank you all for your concern!  Pixie is feeling better and eating a tiny bit today. 
Now don’t you want to see what I’d rather do than clean house on extra days off?  Notice the different background?  Kind of plain, but I loved the linen and red.
One of the ideas from PALS – Stitching at the Beach was a darling little cloth thread catcher Myra from Gr8Dames Place made for Faye’s birthday.  Mine isn’t nearly as neat and tidy as Myra’s was, but I made it from Blackbirds’ Designs Beach House fabrics, which does help it a lot.  
I also pulled out an ornament I stitched a long while ago to finish.  I think it came from one of the JCS Ornament issues, by Sue Hillis.  I had the boards cut at my lns, Stitch and Frame.  It’s hard to see the sparkle on the backing fabric and there are pearl-ish beads around the borders.
Thanks for stopping by – again!  I appreciate all your words of kindness and humor!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Two very nice finishes. HOORAY Dixie!

  2. I love your little "thread catcher", and would love to know how to make one! Your Christmas ornament is really beautiful...I love the all white needlework

  3. Beautiful finishing, the little ort container is adorable, and the ornament looks very elegant.

  4. Glad Pixie is better.
    The finishes are both wonderful.

  5. Whoo hooo! YOu made one and it looks great! Love your ornie finish too.

  6. How cute! I love that little ort container too. Need to figure it out so I can have one too.

    Love your finish. Glad your doggie is feeling better.

  7. Very glad Pixie is feeling better.
    I love your little thread catcher and beautiful stitching on your ornament too.
    Enjoy your weekend. :)

  8. All is looking good~ You and Myra need to go into business!!

  9. ooo love the little ort bag and the ornament tooo ... sorry missed the post re Pixie but glad she is feeling a wee bit better :)love mouse xxxx

  10. Your finishes are wonderful Charlene. I love the little thread catcher.

  11. That thread cather is perfect !!!
    I stitched the peace ornament in different colors - It's a great pattern ;)

  12. What a cute little thread catcher! I also like your new header. You're a clever one!

  13. Very pretty finishes! Glad to read that Pixie is better.

  14. Glad to read Pixie is feeling better, Charlene! I love your ORT catcher ~ just adorable and your Peace ornament is so beautiful. Lovely, lovely finishing! I Love the Halloween theme and your linen background and of course the red! Can't have too much red... I hope you are enjoying this lovely Autumn weather... Blessings always in stitches...

  15. Glad Pixie is on the mend. Love the new background. Amy made me one of the little ort containers, they are very cute and compact. Your ornament is very pretty too.

  16. Hi there Charlene,
    I love the little thread catcher and Sue Hillis ornies is darling.


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