Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movies, Designs, Weekend

Hey, Friends!

No updates of stitching for today, just checking in.  Scones are baking, and I’m sipping coffee.  I hear the rain pouring down hopefully to make a cooler day? Probably not.

I did a bit of stitching while waiting for Mom to get her hair done Saturday. DS is visiting this weekend, so we went to see Planet of the Apes.  It was a very good movie.  I cried, and cried, and cried some more.  Maybe it’s the pent up emotion from seeing my dad decline so quickly, maybe There was applause at the end of the movie!

Have you been watching the announcements from the Baltimore Stitching show?  What are your favorites?  I’ve seen a few Blackbird Designs Halloween-ey ones and a couple not, some cute Prairie Moon designs, that gorgeous The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings, and those sweet new treats from Puffin and Company.  Of course, just what I need is some more stash what I really need is to get stitching the ones I have and of course I do stitch, just not at the speed of light more like the speed of molassas.

Hope you’re all having a great stitching weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!
and Happy Stitching



  1. Hey Charlene~~ Rainy here yesterday with those morning rains of yours headed to us this afternoon...Good stitching weather!! Have a good week and we will all be at MB sooner than you can imagine!! Take care, Faye

  2. Hey Charlene,
    It was so great to meet you last weekend.
    I am looking forward to the new BBD designs too.

  3. Hi Charlene,
    Haven't seen the new Blackbird, but love the new Hawks Run, will get it and put it and the linen with the others that I haven't done!
    Like you, just what I need - more stash.
    See you soon in MB!

  4. Stop the more stash! least until get a few more finishes! Hope you are getting some stitching in today. Hope some of that rain makes it our way....

  5. We were very happy to see the rain here. I haven't been seeing the new releases - will have to go search for them. (Like I need more to do)

  6. Haven't seen the new BBD yet. Trying to avoid looking at the Baltimore releases. I'm drowning already in kitted up projects. But who knows, my mind changes rather
    Speed of molassas...LOL....I know that feeling.

  7. I'm afraid I won't be able to resist a few of the new issues (Blackbird and Prairie Moon). Oddly enough I'm not drawn to the new HRH design - must be burned-out as I've stitched 4 1/2 of them so far, lol.

  8. I do love the new Blackbird Designs pieces, of course! I also like the new La D Da mystery. I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the mystery pieces, though--they always end up being rather pricey.

    My son LOVED the Planet of the Apes movie! I'm anxious to see The Help--hope it comes here to our po-dunk theater.


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