Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Update

Hey, Friends!
Just a short update today.  Yesterday was stitch day with Amy’s PALS in Manning at the French Hens’ Restaurant.  As usual, we had a great time stitching, chatting, thinking about Stitching at the Beach, eating.  Most of my time was spent frogging, but that happens to everyone once in a while; right?  I didn’t get photos of everyone, but check out the others blogs to see what they’ve posted.  It was great to see everyone again!

 We had a few “new” friends join us.  Myra and Chris from NC, Beverly from Hilton Head, and Laurie from NC ?  Both Beverly and Laurie said they’d be joining us at the next gathering which WILL BE Stitching at the Beach in October.  

For a few visits I had been watching a mirror at French Hens.  Since the last time we were there in June I said, if it’s still there, I’ll check to see if it is for sale.  Well, it’s hanging in my home now, and will be the ‘center piece’ for the tombstone angels’ collage I plan to stitch.  I have at least one ready to frame, and after getting ready for PALS I’ll have to get on that project.  Hard to get a good photo, but here it is!  
I had to giggle, my adult DS (was visiting recently and said, I like that rabbit stitching in the bathroom; is it new? It's been there since April, 2010, but the thing is, he does notice, eventually.  Hare’s Family.
I hope you’ve all been safe from storms, but have had some rain and are surviving the scorching heat we’ve had lately!  The car temperature has been 110 several days after work!  Keep your fans blowing, tinkling ice in your glass, and your needles flying!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Looks like you had a great time yesterday - as usual!! That is one cool mirror - can't wait to see your collage!

  2. Oh Charlene, love your 'new' mirror. Great get! Looks like a fun time was had by all at your PALS yesterday. Always love to see new faces at those gatherings. Yep, we all get those visits from the frogs, hopefully not too many.
    Hot, hot & more hot. Stay cool & enjoy your stitching.

  3. Charlene, I love your mirror! Sorry about the frogs, I think they breed in my house.
    Fun times with PALS, I always wistfully wish we had a group like that near me. Nothing like sharin' the love of cross stitch with fellow enthusiasts.

    Stay cool where you are, here it's humid and steamy.

  4. LOVE your mirror, but you know that. Can't wait to see it in a pic with your tombstone collage - that sounds cool.
    We all had fun yesterday - counting down to MB! See you there!

  5. Yesterday sounds like a lot of fun, I am always so envious when you all get together, guess I will just have to make do with MB in October. Your mirror looks fantastic and looking forward to seeing your collage eventually.

  6. Ooohh...can't wait to see what your tombstone angel collage will be. Need to check this out!

    Stay cool!!!

  7. Hi Charlene! I found you. :o) It was so nice to meet you and all the other gals. I can't wait to see your collage - I wondered what you were doing with that mirror.

  8. How nice that you have such a great group of stitchers close by, Charlene! And I love the mirror--it will look great surrounded by your tombstone angels stitching :)

  9. I bet you had a fantastic time! Love your mirror.

  10. It sounds like such a fun time! I would love to go sometime--ah, to dream.

    I love your new mirror!!


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