Saturday, July 30, 2011

July comes to an end...

Hey, Friends!

The end of July is near full of heat and steam and one of the best things about it?  A good old red, vine ripe tomato sandwich.  Some of my Southern Sisters are going to say I’ve ruined it with wheat bread, and I do admit I like the taste and texture of white better for a tomato sandwich, but that’s what was here.  And of course, that’s Duke’s you see oozing out!  Wan’a bite?
For some more ‘presentable’ recipes, do you know about the Pioneer Woman?  I just think she’s one of the best and she does more than recipes.  Yes, she writes cookbooks, but is the wife of a rancher, loves her family and home, has good photo tips (but don’t use mine as an example), a great sense of humor, and some very fine giveaways.  Drop in to see what she’s up to when you have a minute.    

I have a request from you scissor lovers out there.  Do you have any idea where I could find a pair that I saw featured on the cover of an older Sheepish Designs chart called Bee Keeper?  They have what look like blackberries on them.  I’ve searched, but with no luck. 

I’m trying to get the Birds of a Feather Mystery done by the end of the month, but that is not looking too promising.  I’m going to get busy on it after I hop around your blogs for a few minutes.

Thank you for coming by today I hope you’ll sit a spell, say a few words, and come back again real soon, now, ya’hear!  I’ll fix you a tomato san’wich and a glass’a tea!

Edited:  just realized it's the New Moon
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and Happy Stitching


  1. I couldn't say I would get that sampler completed this weekend--you must be a speedy stitcher! It is looking great! I have not progressed on mine--other things have taken priority. Sigh...

  2. Love your mystery sampler!!! I desperately need to get back to mine.

    I don't know that I've ever seen those scissors, best of luck finding a pair, you never know :-).

    Yummy sandwich, I only like wheat bread so yours would work for me, LOL.

  3. The sandwich looks delicious! I do hope you find those scissors, they are really nice!! And your mystery sampler is looking beautiful, I need to get back to mine soon.

  4. Love the fan on your blog page! Also love tomatoes both in a sandwich and on toast but maybe you need to be British for that lol! Also like Marmite with them but let's not go there, lol, as I know there are some strong opinions on that product out there!

  5. Hey, Charlene! The tomato sandwich does look divine! Have you ever tried one on sourdough bread? If not, you should, its to die for!
    Your mystery sampler is in just about the same place as mine, I plan to have part 2 done by the end of the month, and then do part 3 in August. Best of luck, your's looks great!

  6. I'm with Gillie on the tomatoes on toast, but not the marmite. Your smapler is looking great, I was hoping to be further along on mine, but have been stitching an exchange piece that I need to finish by next week.

  7. Well are correct! Nothing beats a good tomato sandwich and it must be good 'ol white bread (fresh so it sticks to the roof of your mouth) and Duke's mayonaisse....all others are just imitators!

    Think I will have to go make me one now....

  8. Oh, I do love a fresh tomato sandwich and I do use wheat bread for mine, like it better than white bread! Love your Mystery Sampler!

  9. Lovely stitching on the sampler!

  10. Mmmm.... I think I need to find a few vine ripened tomatoes. Your sandwich looks yummy! Great job on your sampler!

  11. Charlene, I guess I have never had a tomato sandwich but it does look awfully good! Your sampler is looking great!

  12. That is for sure something I have never tasted as i am allergic to raw tomatoes!! But, my DH would LOVE it even though we don't have Duke's in these parts.

    Your sampler is amazing and I bet I will be seeing the finish before long.

  13. Oh...I love tomatoes on bread. Certainly in Summer. It's Winter here now, and then they just don't have the right taste for on bread.
    Lovely progress on your sampler.
    And sadly I don't have the slightest clue about the scissors.

  14. Love the Pioneer Woman. Her Peanut Butter Pie is amazing and I love her white chicken enchiladas. Oh, and her poppers! Okay, I haven't had a bad thing following her directions. :)


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