Saturday, March 19, 2011

More March

Hey, Friends!
Here we are in springtime with bountiful pollen!  In the early morn with Pixie searching for the perfect spot, I got a shot of the tulip tree.  It has been nipped a bit by the frost, but not as badly as previous years.  
Does it remind you of the Jardin Prive’ L'arbre aux Oiseaux (Tree with Birds - not yet) I started stitching last week at Amy’s Get Together at the French Hen in Manning. 
It was a great time of stitching and chatting, but my camera never left its pocket! Don’t ask me why!  The only ones I’ve seen are at Nicole’s blog and you’ll enjoy looking at her beautiful stitching, too! 
I finished stitching BBD Breath of Spring.  Isn’t it darling?  I do so love these women’s designs.  I got to see Faye’s latest work, Summer Stars, from their Stitcher's Journey at the GTG last week.  That girl can not only stitch, but she does some  fine finishing!   Karen’s finished Moon Garden was lovely, too!  She's running through that challenge like it's not even a challenge! Come to find out, we’re both going through some of the same crazy-busy stuff at our respective workplaces computer program migration and conversions.  Enough about that!  
I met Susan for the first time, who was working on a very pretty Quaker Christmas design.  Linda’s friend, Sarah   (?If either of these ladies have blogs, would someone tell me?) was almost finished with a giant floral design that was totally awesome.  When it was being held up for us to admire, more than one of us said, “Look at the back!”  You will most likely never hear those words whispered about one of my pieces.  I do try to be neat, but something usually happens that keeps it from being ‘as pretty as the front.’

We had a nice lunch, but when I left I went by to see DS.  We had thought about going to a movie, but the releases and our timetable didn’t work, so we went to Hudson’s Smokehouse in Lexington for BBQ.  Oh, my, was it ever good.  He was happy about the sides, but the meat was perfect to me!  Try it if you’re close.

In my rambling around last week, I found something I’d never seen before.  Have you ever seen a black frog?  Now I’ll be on the lookout for a bottom for it.  Holler if you see one; ok?
Well, that’s about it for today.  I’m going to surf around to see what you’ve been up to, and thanks for dropping in today!  Hope the rest of your weekend is delightfully spring like and totally fun! 
Come again, soon.

and Happy Stitching


  1. You make me blush Charlene!!! Thanks for the compliment but I think your lightening fast fingers have me beat! LOVE the BBD piece and cant wait to see more....Take good care, Faye

  2. Both your trees look lovely. Glad you had a great time at the GTG. Your stitching looks great. I relented and bought the BBD Journal and now have to decided what to stitch first.

  3. We're seeing a few blossoms (plum) here also; yay, spring! Nice stitching, Charlene. You are so productive!

  4. I love both your pieces!! I also love the bunnies that are helping display the pieces! Glad you had a great time at the GTG, wish I lived closer. Of course, wouldn't be able to make the next one because my DS#2 is getting married that day. And , I guess, that has higher priorities - LOL!

  5. Your BBD spring design is really cute! i can't wait to stitch it up too. love the frog. try any kind of little glass bowl, sherbert dish, etc anything will work great for them (and i add some walnut shells in the dish so the scissors hit the shells when sitting in it and it helps keep them sharp). :)

  6. beautiful stitching as always Charlene!! It was so great to see you last weekend! Hope to see you at the next one! :)

  7. You stitched tree does look amazingly like your tulip. We are still a couple weeks away from blooming here. If tolerating the pollen means warmer temps, I'll do my best to not complain. :0)
    I love your breathe of spring. I just got the pattern and now I'm inspired to start it.
    Have a good week!

  8. Oh, I just ordered Breath of Spring, Charlene! After seeing how darling yours turned out, I can't wait to get started on mine.

    Hang in there with the pollen--my son is already complaining about it in southern VA, too!

  9. Love your BBD piece, beautiful. Congrats on both finishes.

  10. Charlene, Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I sure did have a wonderful time stitching with everyone.

    Happy Stitching!

  11. I love your Tree with Birds and Breath of Spring! I agree that anything designed by Blackbird Designs is just beautiful! Sounds like you have been having fun. I have never seen a black frog - I love flower frogs, don't you?

  12. I love the Tree with birds piece! Your BBD piece is gorgeous, too. Congrats on the finish!


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