Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Camp?

Hey, Friends!
It is still just as crazy at work for me I would say more than ever.  We will start with shutdown at COB on Thursday, and begin the live conversion April 1.  UmHuh, our boss thinks that’s quite humorous… and we will be working through the weekend.  The primary “system” person quit a few weeks before the scheduled date of implementation… Think that was planned?  I rescheduled the time I’d planned to be off for the Camp Stitchaway this weekend, but will take the time later just missed out on the retreat!  For the past couple of weeks, I’ve only gotten home before 7:00 a couple of nights, and a few were closer to 8:00.  So anyway…
Who knew I needed a bit of a ‘pick-me-up’ surprise?  Diane!  In the mail yesterday was a puffy package from Miss Nan’s Needlework Notions, herself!  I thought, I haven’t ordered anything from here…  When I opened it up, the sweetest little pin cushion on chick feet you’ve ever seen was packaged among some colorful grass, with a sweet card.  How very thoughtful, Diane!  She spent a part of her Spring Break making something special for Moi!   It truly lifted my spirits at the end of a rough week.  Thanks so much, Diane!
I told myself all week I would clean house this weekend but you KNOW I don’t want to do that.  It has been mid-70s or higher all week today it’s 45 and raining!  I don’t want to move from here finish this post, then go see what y’all have been stitching, get enticed into something else, then stitch!  You all do such a great job of enabling (don’t we all love it, thought), that I’ve picked up a few things here and there.  Don’t you just love Brenda’s site?  Such beautiful photos.
Did do a bit of finishing this week.  From Country Stitches,  Brenda’s store, I got some of her seam tape ribbon, and used it to make my version of a rouched ribbon trim on this BBD Be Mine, little pillow.  Not perfect, but pretty good for firsts.  As loosely as these are done, there would be plenty in the package for at least two about 4x6 but think I’ll pull the ribbon tighter next time.  If you decide to get some, the hardest part will be deciding which colors they’re beautiful! 
I used silk ribbon from my stash on the Breath of Spring pillow, and it worked very well, too.  I tried some narrow, acrylic type ribbon but didn’t like the effect.  It may be more suitable for a smaller piece.  Oh, and I also got Bunny & Co. a new cross stitch pattern converted from a punch needle.
And… speaking of punch needle…  Have you tried it?  There are such cute designs, and  thought, why not give it a try?  I don’t remember who, but someone said to me, “It’s too easy I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything when it’s done.”  Well, sister friend, I want you to show me how to make it feel that way!  I’ve tried SEVERAL times, and can not get my thread to punch and stay in. Yes, my fabric is in the hoop, tightly.  The thread is through the needle shaft and through the eye.  I’m holding the needle straight with the eye away from me.  Once in a while a few stitches will take hold, but on the other side they look wonky… Oh, and it's the fabric that came in with the package design.  I’ve looked on uTube, and think I’m following the directions.  Tips?? 

While I was 'playing' with rouching the ribbon, thoughts of using tatting to trim the pillows drifted through my mind... which led me to pull out the tatting supplies to tat a bit of trim...  I always wonder if I'll remember how... but it comes back after a few twists of the thread.

That’s it for today!  Now I’m going to see what you’ve been up to!  Hope you have a fine weekend for stitching, or doing whatever your heart desires!
Thanks for stopping by I love to read your comments, remarks, suggestions. 
and Happy Stitching


  1. I like your finished pieces--the trims are lovely! I think I will look up how to 'tat'. I know my mother did it, because there was a box with string hanging out of a little hole that my sister inherited from her. Wonder if she ever finished whatever that project was?? Thanks for the heads-up on the Mystery Summer stitch from Brenda. Calling my LNS right now!

  2. What a bummer that you had to miss your stitching retreat. Your finishes are gorgeous though. Yep, it was fun to get mail this week, wasn't it?

  3. I love your finishes! I love that ribbon that you got from Brenda.

  4. Great finished finishes! Love your ruched ribbon trim!

  5. Your finishing is lovely! I've tried rouching ribbon before but can't seem to get the effect I want. You sure did an amazing job. I want to learn how to do tatting. You can teach me to tat and I'll teach you how to punch :0)
    Happy Spring

  6. Beautiful finishes Charlene! I love the ruched ribbon edge finish. Quite time consuming but it hads a perfect finsh and yet softness. I have only done one like that but it was nice to do and since I am still learning without any LNS around I Love to browse blogs for ideas and tips. I always find yours an inspiration. Thanks,

  7. Charlene, your trims are so pretty! LOVE the ruched ribbon, and I'm itching to try that. I also love, love, love tatting. I have a piece from my husband's grandmother. I keep saying I am going to learn. I'm sure I will like doing it.

  8. Darling finishes, Charlene. I still haven't tried that ruched ribbon finish, but really love it!

    And the tatting is wonderful--have no idea how to do it myself, but yours sure is pretty :)

  9. love your finishes! punchneedle is simple but it helps to be taught in person to get it (at least for me) then i was off an running with it. Love the little pincushion from Diane, i also rec'd a little blue tulip one. very cute!!!

  10. Lovely finishes and gift! Hope work eases up soon!

  11. Love your finishes, Charlene, especially the one with the hearts. I have a punch needle piece stashed away somewhere....and am so impressed that you also tat. That seems so difficult! Hope your workload will ease up soon! Hugs!

  12. Wonderful finishes, Charlene! I would love to try punch needle--so far I've just accumulated the supplies!

  13. Charlene, Hope you get a break from work soon dear. I love your BBD finishes with the ruched ribbon. I have tried punch needle and enjoyed it. Just try to stay with it and give it another try. Very pretty things you received in the mail too.
    Take care.


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