Saturday, March 5, 2011

March On

Hey, Friends!
Last weekend was beautiful, warm springtime this one is rainy, early spring.  Although it is cool, there are blooms and pollen everywhere, but there is supposed to be some rain to help wash that away…haven’t seen it yet.
Next weekend Amy of Down Sunshine Lane is hosting a stitching get together in Manning at the French Hens restaurant.  Hop over to read about it on Amy’s blog.  I’ve been a couple of times and fun is had by all!
The finished BBD AotH, A Wish for You, is in honor of my dad, whose birthday is the end of March.  As I was taking the photo I realized that the date really needs to be changed Duh, what was I thinking? Not.
While waiting for some threads on order, I started a design called Bluebirds and Flowers from a Leisure Arts booklet called Old Samplers.  As you can see, a little change was in order.  I received this Victorian Motto in Autumn at PALS last year, and thought it would work up nicely in this design.
You know I’m not one who typically starts more than one project at a time, but when those fibers came in, I just HAD to start on BBD, Breath of Spring.  Of course I’m loving it.
The fourth in the series of Specialty Stitches is the Square Eyelet.  My stitches are far from perfect, but it is fun to try new things!
Oh, and like I really need to start a new craft, I’ve been taken by the Punch Needle!  Want to join me?  Take a look at this darling design over at Nan’s Needlework Notions.  She also has some of these for sale if you get bitten, too!

* Reminder:   TuSAL is in the side bar this year à
Well, it’s time for me to go blogging to see what you’ve all been up to!  Thanks for stopping in, and you know I love to hear what you’re thinking today!
and Happy Stitching


  1. Arent you just in love with the Anniversaries series by BBD????? I know I am!!! And, about your question...I have alot of framed pieces so I hang them where ever I have a space for them...But, you have me thinking if I should theme them once I relocate my craftroom downstairs..hmmmmmmmmmmmm...good question!!! Take care and I sure do hope you can come Sat! Faye

  2. ALL of your pieces are just wonderful!! I just love the Victorian Motto thread, don't you?

  3. I love your AotH finish. It's so beautiful.

    Nice new starts too. I love the Victorian Motto thread. I stitched my Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler with some and loved how it looked.

  4. I usually don't start more than one project at a time but I have a couple going right now too. It must be something in the air. :0)
    Good for you for learning some new stitches!
    I need to do the same.
    Thanks for advertising my patterns for sale :0)

  5. Your finish looks great. I was introduced to Victorian Motto threads at Pals too, and just love them, I have used them to stitch some Christmas ornaments and using another for an exchange that I'm doing with Michele. Hope, if you make it on Saturday, that you have fun, wish I could join y'all, I will just have to wait till October.

  6. I'll bet your dad will love that piece, Charlene. Looks like you've found more interesing projects! Breath of Spring sounds like a great idea.....Love your countdown!

  7. Great finish Charlene!! I wish I come stitching with y'all...hum drum. Breath of Spring is soo pretty and I will probably stop the needle and start on it to send to my parents. I am also embarking on punch needle and just ordered a Cameo Ultra Punch and a Morgan hoop. I purchased the Boye and was disappointed with it...the threader worked one time. I hope you have better luck. :-)I am on my way to see the sale for PN patterns...thanks for the enabling!

  8. I avoid eyelets like the plague. I should really sit and practise them until I can do them well but I'm so lazy! Right now, I just sub Smyrna crosses =P

  9. Wish I could be there in Manning, but I have a conflict...darn. Maybe next time. Love the finish and stitching!

  10. Wonderful finish on your AotH! I love this series so much! I like your new start and WIPs, too. Punch needle... I have all the stuff to do it and WANT to do it... but if I sit down, I always grab my stitching. I need to convince my daughters to do it so that I can give them designs that I want around the house! LOL

  11. Your AoH is beautiful as are all of your other pieces. I'm really going to have to do that one myself. I wish I could go to Amy's stitch in, but I live too far away...nuts. I always enjoy looking at all of you work. It is always so beautiful!

  12. Hi Charlene, found you through Karen's Handiwork blog, hope you don't mind if I tag along, looks like a wonderful blog...


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