Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Hey, Friends!
We’re having a Snow Day Y E A H as is just about everyone on the east coast I think.  My DS lives in Columbia, SC, middle of the state, and they have snow, too.  Hey, Karen, are you having a snow day, too?  Bet’cha are! 
Just a couple of updates, then I’m off to stitch the day away!  I finished Blackbird Designs, Snow Garden last night (1.9.11).  It is a part of the Anniversaries of the Heart series that I’m doing with the yahoo group, Blackbird Designs.  Mine will be on one piece of 32 ct. Belgium linen called Autumn Fields.  I’ve seen several of them, and they all seem to have a bit of different coloring, but guess that’s due to the over-dyed fibers.  With it’s name and the almost faded look it has, it reminds me of a cold, snowy, almost hazy day.  See the similarities of the coloring in the two photos above?  I personalized this one with my parents wedding date, January 20, 1950.
Next I’ve done a few more stitches on the Winter SAL, Winter Wonderland.  Now this one is right up my alley!  Love the bright colors, geese, and blackbirds!  Fun stitching, so that’s where I’m off to stitch today!
Thank you all for your sympathy and condolences for the passing of my aunt.  She will be greatly missed, but I’ll bet she’s cool now!   
Thanks for coming by today.  I look forward to hearing your Needler’s Point and checking in to see what you’ve been up to lately!

and Happy Stitching



  1. Love your Snow Garden. Our garden looks pretty frosty this morning, and we are supposed to get snow sometime this week. Also love your cute scissors!

  2. Love your Winter SAL! Coming along nicely.

    My DS in Columbia says they're over 5" of snow already! Here at the beach we got NOTHING!

  3. Love the finish!

    We have a dusting of snow on ground from last night and it's spitting sleet/snow now. My sister in law is in Columbia, so I'm sure she is snowed in as well!

    Stay warm and get lots of stitching done today!

  4. Yes we have snow in Columbia, not too much ice on the trees but the roads are wicked.

    I love your Snow Garden. It is reaaly fitting on a day like this.
    The colors in Winter Wonderland are so pretty.

    I should have been stitching but I have been sleeping most of the day.

  5. Why are all you in the South getting snow? The weather seems upside down to me! But you've got a couple of great projects to stitch the day away with!!

  6. It's snowing here as well... over five inches thus far with more snow and ice to come... I'm planning on settling in my stitching chair and making the afternoon a stitchy one!

    I dearly love your Snow Garden, Charlene... {it does so remind me of a snowy day} I'm stitching it as well! And your Winter Wonderland is gorgeous... I'm stitching that one as well... I'm looking forward to following your progress on both of them...

    Wishing you much love and joy, glad tidings and good cheer, a cosy warm hearth and blessings abounding... and many a heartfelt hour of peaceful stitching thyme in the New Year!

    Heartfelt blessings and love always in stitches...

  7. Kudos on your finish!!! It coloring certainly does suit for a cold, snowy day! And, yes, it is a snow (sew) day....yeah!!! Now...I'm worried about the ice!

    Stay warm and happy stitching....

  8. It does seem strange that you all have the snow and, as yet, we do not. We are supposed to get hit with it overnight, so I am going to drive up to DD Lisa's house after dinner so that I just have a short drive to work tomorrow. That is, if they even open up our office....

    I love both your projects. I really can't decide which one I like best - just both of them!

  9. You've had more snow than we've had in PA, Charlene! But, we are due to get at least 5" by tomorrow night... Ugh!

    Your pieces are beautiful--I especially love Winter Wonderland. It is a perfect piece to be stitching with your current weather :)

  10. Wow!! I can't believe all the snow you got Charlene!! I wish it would snow down here, but it's unlikely. I think last year was just a fluke! I love your BBD projects - you are really moving right along! Can't wait to see more! :)

  11. No snow here Charlene. Just cold and blowing wind makes for very cold, don't want to get out of bed cold. LOL.
    Love the way Snow Garden turned out and Winter Wonderland is moving right along.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more.

  12. Your Snow Garden is absolutely gorgeous :)


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