Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a week…

I haven’t taken time to read messages or even blog scan, much.  Doesn’t seem so overwhelming if I keep up and do a bit a day, but now there are over 500 unread messages from one of my yahoo groups this week, and several hundred in others.  That’s where I found many of your blogs that I love to keep up with, and where many of you found me, but unless I have time at work to read messages, I’m sorry to say they get behind.  I don’t mean to be so quiet, but guess I’m falling into the lurker category.  I will take time to catch up with blogs, but that may be on the slower side too.
This was the third Tuesday week, which means Stitch Night at my LNS, The Stitch and Frame Shop.  I do love my LNS, and the ladies who run it.  Carol, one of the sweethearts who works there, was finishing up her scissor bed.  It was precious, and I said, that may just be next in my list of to-do’s.  So when I got home I started looking for it, just SURE it was in my stash.  I remember not buying the ‘bed’ thinking I could make one, but “did” get the chart.  So I looked with no luck.  Then I said, I think it was about the time I got Quaker Diamonds… which I did find, but the other wasn’t there.  So again I looked, in the stack of various stages of finish; no… and looked, in the bag of linens; no… and looked, in and through the works in progress; no… Guess I decided not to get it at all. 

I did finish my He’s a Flake ornament stitching, and started another little project.  This is a tiny preview…
Remember last week there was a contest from Vintage Workshop?  If you posted the link on your blog, they offered to send a sample of indigo junction cards.  I did, they did, and aren’t they just precious?

Well, that’ about it for me this week.  Hope you’re all having a fun-tastic weekend!  Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you again, really soon!!
d Happy Stitching!



  1. Love that flakey snowman, Charlene. I've been busy, too....singing, and you're right it's very easy to get buried in posts. But, I prefer that to lots of silence!

  2. Yeah, I have a hard time keeping up with all of the blogs that I enjoy (and keeping adding to) as well. Your "He's a Flake" is cute!

  3. Dont you just hate it when you cant lay your hands on something you "need"???? I CAN RELATE!!~hahaha... Love the flake dude~~ BTW, when school gets out in about 3 weeks I am going to your LNS...Has been a DREAM of mine to make that road trip and visit it... If/when I do, I will let you know...Have a good one~~ (Thanks for your nice comments on my blog)..

  4. Love your little LHN flake, Charlene--think I'll eventually stitch him, too...

    I've actually bought the same chart twice, forgetting that I had one already buried in my stash!

  5. Sometimes life keeps you busy and you just have to let the computer time go. In that case, feel fully justified in hitting the delete button and just starting over. Flake is cute and love the new stash! Now what scissor bed are you talking about exactly??? Sounds very tempting already!

  6. Love your Flake!

    I can relate to being behind--I am behind in everything, all the time, on the computer--yet I spend hours on here daily. I did go to lurker status in most of my yahoo groups. Hang in there!

  7. I definitely know what you mean about keeping up with blogs. It's mind boggling sometimes, but you hate not keeping up, but lurking lets you keep on top of things. I'm really guilty of that too sometimes.


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