Sunday, May 16, 2010

Redwood in SC

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Not a lot going on this week, but wanted to share what a lovely Mother’s Day weekend we had!  On Saturday, DS and I went to see Iron Man II ~ and I really enjoyed it, no matter the critics.  Then we went to Nikota to sit on the floor for Japanese.  He got a redwood tree for shading the back yard and planted it for me.  It is young, and needs lots of water (summer planting??) but one day the deck will be shaded for real afternoon enjoyment!  On Sunday, we took steak and fixin’s to Nan and Pop’s to grill out.  She had to work, so we had everything almost finished when she got home.  I got her a purse, and she seemed to like it…
Wish we had smell-a-blog so you could get a whiff of these wonderful jasmine climbing up the banister of my front porch.  They do smell divine!!
I was able to complete and submit at work this week the form declaring that I have not smoked for six months!!  This will be another $25 savings on insurance premiums per month.  Believe me, there are days when I think, if I still smoked I’d go out and have one!  When I turned in the form, the lady in Human Resources said, “It’s been ten years since I quit, and there are days when I feel like I could eat one!”  I know exactly what she meant.  I have quit before and started back after years.  I know people who can have one with a drink, and not touch them any other time.  I’m not one of those.  We were told at our end-of-year meeting last week that beginning in September, the campus policy on smoking will be “in your vehicle, only.”  They didn’t want to try to put in place a total ban for the sake of adults who do smoke, but also don’t want to infringe on the rights of those who don’t smoke, so that’s what they came up with.  Another reason to be SO glad I’ve quit. 
This is TuSAL week, and as you can see the 2010 ornie is getting more full by the month.  If you like to learn more or join in the useless fun, hop over and visit here.
And speaking of hop...  Have you seen the cutest little Rabbit scissors ever?  I got mine from Anita's Little Stitches!

On the stitching front this week, I finished a little piece by The StitcherHood, Stitcher’s Sampler.  Once again, using one of my favorties for this type design, DMC 115.  I’ve also been stitching an ornament, but will show you later.

Did you get to enjoy those few days of cool weather last week?  Wasn’t it wonderful to have early spring weather in these days that feel so much like summer?  Whatever your weather this week, I hope you’re wrapping up a wonderful weekend, enjoying a lot of whatever it is you decide to do!
Thank you for coming by for a visit and for sharing your kind words with me!  I love hearing that you’ve stopped by!
 Joy ~ Peace ~ Love
and Happy Stitching


  1. Beautiful finish and love how the TUSAL ornie is coming along!

    Congrats on your quitting and continued non-smoking endeavor! I quit the day I learned I was pregnant in 1995 and haven't touched one since. Not even when I went through my nasty divorce in 1998. Now, if I can only get my sister to quit, LOL...

    Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  2. So glad you had a nice Mother's Day weekend!

    Your rabbit scissors are so cute! I just got a package from Anita's Little Stitches yesterday. She has such great service. Is that a Cricket Collection carrot I see?

    I also love DMC 115 - beautiful stitching!

  3. So very well done on the no smoking! Love the Little Sisterhood piece, wish I'd bought some 115 when I saw it in Hobbycraft in UK last week!

  4. Glad to hear that you had a great Mother's Day. I love your Sitcher's Sampler. How are you going to finish it? Into an ornament?

    I love those Rabbit scissors and had to buy a pair for myself when Anita posted them. They're so cute.

  5. WEll done for beating the addiction!

    Love your Sisterhood finish, it's beautiful!

  6. I love that color thread, Charlene, and your project. Congrats on being smoke free!

  7. So glad your Mother's Day was special--I love it when my sons give me gifts that can be planted and you watch grow each year! Love your tree!!

    I'm so proud of you for reaching the 6-month no smoking mark, Charlene! Way to go!!!

    Lovely red and white finish--I'll have to order some of that DMC 115--can't seem to find it to purchase anywhere around here in stores...

  8. Well done for stop smoking, just think of all the beautiful fabric n patterns you can buy with the money saved!

  9. your artical is so funny!! it make me so happy!! .............................................

  10. I liked Iron Man 2, also. Pretty good for a sequel. Sounds like a nice time with family. Congrats on the six month mark! Love the finish and the scissors. Very pretty!

  11. Good for you on beating the addiction!!

    Love the finish. :)


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