Friday, May 28, 2010

Thrifts and such

Wishing you a pleasant Memorial Day weekend as we honor of our fallen Veterans on Monday. 
I have to work on Monday, but decided to take off today, just because.  I’ve stitched a very little this week and haven’t really accomplished (finished) much, BUT I did find that chart I ‘just knew’ I’d bought!  It was tucked away under some stack or other that I finally turned over.  Shame is on me!  Was I vague enough describing it?  It’s Little House Needleworks, Needle and Thread. 
Why didn’t I do more stitching this week?  If you know me at all, you know I’m a TV addict, and many of my favorites have been winding down for the season.  I can usually stitch and watch, but some of these just demand my undivided attention.  Like Dancing with the Stars.  Come on, who didn’t know Nicole and Derek were going to win?  It really wasn’t fair, since she was a dancer to begin with (and Evan a skater, too), but if they let them compete, they deserve the win!  I was rooting for Erin and Maks, but they only got third place!  Then there was American Idol.  YES, I did watch it even though I wasn’t totally impressed with the lot to begin with.  Part of my enjoyment of this show is watching the progression, or as they say, the journey, of the contestants.  Who would have thought that shy little paint shop guy would end up winning?  But he did.  And as ugly and cruel as Simon could be, I usually agreed with his opinions… and I was touched by his humbleness in the end. 
Not to worry, the new (and I love it) summer season is revving up to begin.  So You Think You Can Dance started last night, and the TNT (We know Drama) shows will begin in June as will the Cooking shows…  I just love ‘em. 
Don’t you just love checking out Kim's Thrifty Thursday on the Threadheads Unite blog?  And are you like me … don’t usually find such neat stuff when YOU get to the Thrift Shop?  Well, recently I’ve found a few things that I like, so see what you think.  Like this pretty, dark wooden tray with the fruit pictured inside.  My thought was to use it for a stitching tray, perhaps, but it’s pretty the way it is until I get around to it.  I think it was $2.  Then yesterday I picked up this old wooden corkscrew for .99.
And how about these cutie pie cups?  There’s only one here, but there were five of them @ .10 a piece.
This looks like a ‘60s version of the Singer 288 manual – but the publication date is 1978.  No, I don’t have one, but I couldn’t just leave this there!  And the great sheet music – who can find some when you want it?  These were no more than .25 each.  And I also found some pretty little saucers that I won’t bore you with now, but you May get to see them in photos later…
It’s time to get ready to take Pixie for grooming.  Who knows what I’ll get into while she’s there…Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you again, really soon!!
d Happy Stitching!graphicCharlene


  1. Happy Memorial Day, and I hope you enjoy your day off today!

  2. Enjoy your day and weekend!

    Lovely finds, by the way.

  3. Charlene - I have the identical corkscrew - I thought mine was the only one in the world until I saw yours, and none one else can ever figure out how to use it lol! Small world! Need to email you - I have a question to ask you. Hugs, Ally xxx

  4. Hope you had a great day off, Charlene!

  5. Nice finds! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

  6. I always enjoy seeing people's thrift store finds, too, Charlene--your tray is especially pretty! Hope you are enjoying a sunny and warm Memorial Day weekend--sorry you have to work tomorrow!

  7. Happy Memorial Day! Now that the TV season is winding down I hope you get in more stitching time! Yeah I find it hard to stitch during So You Think You Can Dance!

  8. I know how those tv series are very addictive-had experience it before so after that i won't follow any anymore except "Bones" and on and off CSI.

  9. Lovely finds! I rarely find anything good when I'm thrifting.

  10. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。 ..................................................

  11. It seems that it's getting really difficult to find those 'great buys' at thrift stores. Love the cups.

    I hope you enjoyed your day off. We're still watching the 'final episodes' on some of our favorites. Then it's back to re-runs for awhile....

    Did Pixie like her grooming? Fritz goes in next week. He's not a fan. LOL.

    Take care girl friend.


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