Saturday, June 5, 2010

Process or Finish?

~Edited to show finished box.~

What have I been doing?  Not posting a lot of stitching finishes lately – that’s for sure!  How about you? Do you prefer to wait until your project is finished to show it, or the share progress as it goes along?  Lots of people do show progress on their BAPs, or we’d think they had stopped, wouldn’t we?
Have you read any blogs lately that discussed whether you’re a process stitcher or a finisher.  I don’t have this theory memorized, but my simplistic view is that you either stitch to be stitching, or you stitch to complete a project.  I’m sometimes both but lean toward the side of process.  I just love stitching!  It calms me and keeps my hands busy – we all know about idle hands; right? 

Then once in a while I run across something that I can hardly wait to finish, and that’s this Bird in the Hand that I’m working on.  I like it so much… but think the fabric is a bit too light, so as soon as it’s finished stitching (today) I’m going to let it have a coffee.  The folks at stitch night Tuesday got quiet and inquisitive eyed when I said that – only one suggested dabbing instead of dipping, “you can always dip.”  What do you think? 

 I was inspired by a couple of boxes I saw at Primitive Betty's site and want to do something similar. Here's an update to show the finished box - right above.
Speaking of primitive, I had a little visitor the other evening after a sprinkle of rain, looking for some tasty greens in the back yard.
I finished the May OakHaven Designs monthly stitch along.
Not much more to share today, so I’m going blog hopping for a bit, then to finish that bird!
Hope you’re having a great weekend, doing things with the people you love most.
d Happy Stitching!


  1. I guess I do a bit of both, finish the knitting and show progress on the stitching. It's a big project and won't be finished for a long while probably. I do have a stash of UFOs though...of all types, but especially quilts. Sigh.... Watch those bunnies; they seem to like more than mere snacks!

  2. Bird in Hand is beautiful! I have that pattern on a to-do list and seeing yours makes me want to start it sooner rather than later. Let me know how your coffee staining comes out ~ I've never done it on a piece I have already stitched ~ too nervous!!

  3. 人生最大的榮耀,不是永遠不敗,而是屢仆屢戰 ..................................................

  4. Love that piece. I started it Thanksgiving day while on vacation and never picked it up again, maybe later I will now, lol
    I love coffee and tea dye baths, but I love primitive and I think this piece will do.
    The round box is cool.
    I made a copy of a stitched piece once and put it on a box top with fabric, it's somewhere on my blog.

  5. BIH looks wonderful and a coffee bath will be perfect!e

  6. Your finished box is just great! Love it :)

  7. I think a coffee dip would add the finishing touch you're looking for. I look foward to seeing how it turns out. Don't you just love seeing our little fury nature friends when the come for a visit....Always brings a SMILE to my face.
    Happy Stitchin!!!

  8. The box is darling! Cute photo of the bunny, too.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit. It's always GREAT to see you.

  9. I am definately accused of being a process stitcher. I stitch, I love to stitch, it makes me happy, it calms me. It definately dosen't bother me to have the project sit in my bin once its finished. It dosen't have to be finished into something or up on the wall for me to be content with it.

  10. Your Bird in Hand turned out so nicely!

  11. that is very nice! Never would have thought of that.

  12. The box is beautiful. I have several of those and just couldn't
    figure out what to do with them. thanks!

  13. Hello Charlène,I like so much your bird.I have it too but I have to finish it!The little rab is cute!!Love.Couson


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