Saturday, May 8, 2010

May ?

A couple of words about my last post, My first meme …  Yes, it was amazing that I could recognize her – but I credit that mostly to my great desire to see her.  It was a wonderful program, but as I told someone else, there were four teachers in the program, and I do recall the names and a couple of things the others taught me, but none like Mrs. Campbell.
On one of my yahoo groups, Patti, the Rocky Mountain Stitcher, recently finished the Bremen Town Musicians.  It reminded me of a set of Scherenschnitte (German scissor snipping) pieces I did years ago, but still hang in my dining room.  Looking at the photo makes me realize that some nicer framing would do wonders for these!   And wouldn’t that lovely cross stitched piece look lovely hanging with them?  Maybe …  I believe it’s buried deep in my stash someplace. 
Last week I finished stitching my OakHaven Designs monthly SAL for April.  I used as close to diamond colored thread for the hearts, Sulky Holoshimmer. 
I’ve also been stitching the NeedleMania 2 SAL with The Sampler Life group.  Part five is now finished.
As much as I say and plan to quit stash gathering, I’ve gotten a bit more…  Cricket Collection, Soft Boiled.  Won’t these be cute with that 2010 Carrot? And from Carol the Linen Stitcher, who is downsizing,  a BlackBird Designs The Blackbird Sampler. 
Thanks for stopping by.  I'd love to hear your comments!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and a joy filled Mother's Day!
    Peace~Loveand Happy Stitching!



  1. Love your the colors in your Needlemania SAL.

    Great new the BBD and will have be on the lookout for that one.

  2. Charlene,
    I just love those German pics! And they do look like the Bremen Town Musicians. Great SAL's and the new stash looks enticing, especially the blackbird!

  3. Both WIP's are looking beautiful. And great new stash i especially love the BBD.

  4. You've got some nice projects in the works, Charlene. I sure know what you mean about STASH! Mine's not diminishing nearly fast enought to offset my weak moments.
    Have a nice Mother's Day!

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  7. Your paper snipping pieces are gorgeous! I love your SAL pieces too! The colors in the Sampler Life Group SAL are gorgeous! It will be fun to watch your progress.

    Happy stitches!

  8. I love yuour blog.Foundest thoughts.Couson

  9. Lovely WIPs! Great new stash, too, especially that BBD. :)

  10. Wow--your Scherenschnitte is amazing, Charlene! I don't think my hands would be steady enough to cut those intricate designs...

    Love your WIPs and new charts :)


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