Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines' Day

Happy Valentines’ Day to all my friends and readers out there!  I hope you have a very fine plan for this Valentines’ Day. 

I just noticed this observation on one of the blogs of a friend from UK.  Valentines’ Day in the UK is devoted to lovers, but in the US it is to celebrate the other types of love as well.  It hadn’t occurred to me that there was a distinct difference, but perhaps it’s because we in the US who don’t have lovers like to celebrate, too.

Oh, my!  I just about forgot to show you the snow we actually GOT this time it was predicted!  I started between 4 and 5 pm on Friday evening, and by midnight my deck looked like this.  Saturday morning, this was the view.

It was such a soft and pretty snow - yes, snow cream was in order!  Snow cream is a thing from childhood that can't be resisted when there is 'good snow.'

The recipe is simple - mix eggs, sugar, vanilla, evaporated milk, and slowly add snow!  When it's all mixed, put in containers for later consumption and place in the freezer - but keep out a bowl for the chef.  Yummy - so good!!

I’ve been the fortunate recipient of another RAOK (random act of kindness).  One of my long-time cyber friends, Judy, was organizing her craft room and decided to part with some of her cross stitch magazines.  I don’t know how she did, but it sure makes me happy!  I sat down with them last night, and there are loads of Halloween and Christmas graphs that will just HAVE to be done!  Thank you so much, Judy, for sharing all these great magazines with me – even the premier issue of Cross Stitch and Country Crafts. 
Isn’t it wonderful that there are such great and talented designers?  If it were left up to me to design, I’d get to use up my stash!!  Giggle  Even when I want to pick different colors for a chart, sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to do.  I spotted this over at – several colorways to use when selecting.  It’s probably not the be all, end all, but it may be useful to help get started. 
Today is time for a TuSAL update.
With all the hearts and valentines I've been stitching this month, you can definetly see a tint of pink - and lots of red, too!

On to the stitching this week:
I finished Pear Tree, All Dolled Up ornament by Little House Needleworks. It is stitched on 28 ct Tea Monaco 1x1 using the recommended fibers.  If you'd like to see what the others who are in this SAL are up to you can visit here and from there there's a link to the original blog.
I did another Hugs by Khris Hurber of Dragonfly Stitches from the November 2006 issue of The Gift of Stitching on 28ct cream linen using DMC 48 variegated pink.
I saw a version of this Heart and Key in a Country Stitch magazine from 1992 and wanted to do them, and finally Be Mine from The Sampler Girl.
I do believe I’ve finished all the Valentine and Heart ornaments for a while, and I’ll be off on another genre soon… or catching up with all the SALs I’m doing! mention of actually finishing off all these ornaments, was there?  That has to be a priority one of these days.
I’ve started the Weather Poems for March with the Round Robin a group of us started recently.  Haven’t gotten a great deal done, but here’s the progress.
Thank you for stopping by and please do come back again soon!

d Happy Stitching! 


  1. What a bunch of cute stitchy items! And the snow cream looks wonderful too! How is it in comparison to ice cream?

  2. Great snow picture and that snow cream looks yummy!

    Congrats on all the finishes, all looks beautiful!

    Happy Valentine's Day too.

  3. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day, Charlene. How'd the snow cream turn out?

  4. I hope you had a good Valentine's Day, Charlene! Lovely stitching progress.

  5. Great stitching, and a lovely addition to the stash!! Your snow looks like ours did - but it was all gone by yesterday afternoon, which is fine with me :)

  6. all your stitchy items look great

  7. Yum - love that snow cream!! Great stitching! And belated Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

  8. Charlene, I just loved reading your blog. Your snow cream sounds dish-lish. Lucky lady being given yet more mags. Stitching looks lovely.Loved the Pear Tree.

  9. The snow cream looks yummy!!

    Congrats on all your finishes. They are all adorable!

  10. Thanksalot for your visit.I love many of your stitchings.I made some of these for V day last year.Hugs.Couson

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