Saturday, February 6, 2010

'Tis February

Last week there was snow and ice, this week there were threats of flooding.  Thankfully they did not come through!  For several years we were under severe drought, and now every time it rains more than two inches we are threatened with flooding.  I am so thankful that my house is up on a hill.  There is a creek to the left of my property, then across the road from that is a huge pasture that has water standing in it that must be two feet deep.   I’m assuming that is run off from the over filled creek.  Today is quite chilly (mid 30s) and foggy…

Kim over at Threadheads, Unite! tempted me with chocolate fudge pie, so I HAD to give it a try.  The crusts in the freezer were deep dish, but they worked as well… Just let me say, Paula Deen.  Need any further explanation?
You know how we’re always ooohhing and ahhhing over someone’s beautiful stitching and patterns?  Well, this happened with one of the yahoo groups I’m on… where did you find that, how can we get that, etc.  One of the members of the group (Ally) recognized the pattern and remembered that she had seen them in magazines that she owns!  With her generous spirit, she has set up a cross stitch round robin with these magazines and a yahoo group so that six of us can stitch these lovelies!  I just received the March edition, so I’ll be getting ready to start those – March and April – very soon!
Superbowl Sunday is bringing not only The Game, but also a sale at The Stitch and Frame Shop – my LNS.  They do online ordering, too!  Don’t forget to check out Camp StitchAway scheduled in March!  The project is being taught by Meg Shinall – doing the Beginners’ Hardanger class discussed in the February issue of TGOS. 
Semi-rant:  I’m always happy to ‘promote’ the groups I’m enjoying by posting links to them.  I’m sorry to say that is not the case for this group any longer (and they may be happy about that).  I guess you’d say I got my feelings hurt by a member  moderator of the group this week.  These feelings ranged from wanting to FLAME her (which is actually what she did – not directly at me, but I am in the ‘category’ she was flaming), to wondering why she’s a moderator, to considering leaving the group since I can’t really keep up with all the activities going on anyway (many of the members are on other lists with me, but the owner and a few others are not), down to just consider the source and forget about it.  I’ll just say this here, and let it go.  We are all entitled to our opinions and our likes and dislikes, but this person has lost my respect.  Just because you do not agree with an activity or opinion does NOT make it “stupid,” nor do those who do participate or are entertained by it need to “Get A Life.”  We have a life of which …stitching (and its remnants) is a BIG part...  Semi-rant: END.
This week I started the All Dolled Up Ornament, Pear Tree, by Little House Needleworks. It, as the others will be, is stitched on 28 ct Tea Monaco 1x1 using the recommended fibers.
 Finished stitching:
 Lovely You, a freebie from Paulette at Plum Street Samplers on 28 ct cream linen using DMC 115. 
Valentine, a freebie from Primitive Betty, on 28ct cream linen using Sulky 4007, Red Brick.
Hugs by Khris Hurber of Dragonfly Stitches from the November 2006 issue of The Gift of Stitching on 28ct cream linen using DMC 48 variegated pink.

Thank you for stopping by.  I do appreciate all the kind words you’ve left for me, and please do come back again soon!

d Happy Stitching!


  1. Love your hugs piece! I have got to check out those variegated colors! Yours is the second I've seen and loved. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your stitching looks wonderful.
    I have never been in a stitching group but I do hope things work out for you.
    Blessings, Diannta

  3. Lovely stitching!

    I have to say that some people are just ignorant to others' feelings. Hopefully you are able to continue with your group, but for this one person. Good luck!

  4. Hope your group stuff all works out (it's not one I'm in, is it? - don't remember any drama lately..LOL)
    Love the stitching - all looks great!

  5. I cant stand drama....So, you gotta look out for yourself..You did the right thing. Life is too short and our hours are too precious if others are being juvenile, you know you dont have time for that...So, I support what you did and dont even know the group you are talking about!!! Dont you just love the Sulky?? I get mine at JoAnn's on-line when they have a sale for 3.59...Gotta love that!!! Love your work, Faye

  6. Pretty Valentine finishes, Charlene.

    Hope the "semi-rant" (love that!) helps you feel a bit better...

  7. Love did I miss the Plum Street freebie??? Great stitching!

    Will have to check out the Stitch & Frame's sale too.

  8. Sometimes we all need to rant. Forget the negative and only take in the positive. I see you started the pear tree ornament. I have the pattern and will be making this ornament soon. Really like the valentine in red, so pretty

  9. Lovely stitching, my favourite is 'Hugs' = simple and cute.

  10. A good start on Pear tree and lovely Valentine finishes. Looking forward to see how you finish them all....i am always curious of one's finishing..!
    Sorry to hear about one of the group.

  11. Lovely stitching! I like your start on pear tree. Sorry about the problems with the group. I left a group I was in for 11+ years because the owner would complain privately about an overbearing member but wouldn't stop that member from wrecking havoc within the group. It was hard, but sometimes it's best to just walk away. Life is too short to deal with drama like that. Big hugs.

  12. Your Round Robin sounds like a lot of fun. I am looking forward to seeing what project you are working on. Your ornament and your valentine stitching is really pretty. I love Lovely You and the colors you chose for it.

  13. As the co-owner of this group, I'd like to point out that I had no idea until I saw this blog that anyone had been upset by this one person's comment. Whilst I sympathize with why Charlene felt so upset, it's distressed me to have my skills as a Moderator/co-owner called into doubt over this -I can't deal with a problem if I'm not told there IS one! Now that I know, I am doing my best to sort the problem out. I work very hard to keep my group a friendly, pleasant place, but I am only human.

  14. This has been explained to Charlene - it was not intended to cause any upset and here in UK the phrase is used in a different way among friends ... guess the meaning was lost 'somewhere in translation' ... differing countries have different sayings and I am sure there will always be some misunderstanding ... Val


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