Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Stitching - Not

I hope you’ve all had a bit of the glorious sunshine that we have this weekend.  The high Saturday here was about 58 and today is supposed to be 63 degrees F.  What a difference a week makes, eah? 
Have you been enjoying the Olympics?  I’ve watched a few bits, and enjoyed the speed skating last night.  Hope to watch the ice dancing tonight, too.
Not a lot going on here this week – but did do a bit of stitching…
This is the “C” for Crochet block we’re stitching with Brooke’s Books Stitcher’s Alphabet SAL.  They’re really fun to stitch!
I stitched up this little heart biscornu with all intentions of sending it to a friend, but once again, I trimmed the fabric TOO close to the border and it frayed as I was putting it together!  Will I ever learn?
Here’s my progress on the March Weather Poem Round Robin.
Thank you for stopping by and please do come back again soon!
d Happy Stitching!



  1. Brookes SAL is looking great Charlene, so glad to hear you're warming up a bit, we're supposed to be in the 70's today here in central FL...I was begining to think we'd never see 70 again!!

    Enjoy watching the Olympics!! We are, the speed skating last night was Awesome!!


  2. It's good that you all are finally warming up a bit up yonder! We are sitting at a heavenly 79'F here in Zephyrhills, FL. It's so much nicer than the below freezing temps and never getting out of the 50's lately. But, I guess I can't complain too much. I do have family and friends who live from about an hour north to all the way up in MI, NH, and such. They were digging out for days much like the rest of the nation.

  3. Lovely progress on your stitching, Charlene!

  4. C looks great! I, too, have cut too close to the edge and had problems with fraying. It's so annoying when that happens.

  5. Glad it's finally warming up for you although it's hard to stay inside and stitch then, isn't it? Have a great day!

  6. We had sun here, too, Charlene (but it was only in the mid 30s!!!). Just to even see the sun come out this weekend put me in a great mood,though.

    Pretty stitching--is there any way to rescue the biscornu?

  7. Lovely finishes, Charlene.

    Here's dark, rainy and bitterly cold!

    Can't watch the Olympics as it's over midnight here when the game begins, really a pity as Dutch won the Speed skating yesterday. Big news over here!

  8. Lovely stitching, all - as usual! It was awesome here yesterday - I think we made it to 70-71 - and I saw daffodils in bloom!

  9. Both pieces look great. And I cna't see the problem with the biscornu. It looks perfect to me.

  10. You would never know the biscornu was anything but perfect, to look at your picture. So pretty. Your weather sounds heavenly! We're still in the very low single digits with a lot of snow. I'm so ready for spring!

  11. SAL is looking great! I've done that before with a fob and a biscornu - soooo irritating! Lovely stitching!

  12. Rain, rain nothing but rain here in SE England. I love watching the Olympics, but can't watch 'live' due to the time difference, I watch the highlights next day.

  13. hi charlene if you leave a 1/4 to 1/2 inch all way round this will tuck in nicely on a biscurnu without fraying speaking from experience :) you can't tell from looking at the photo there is anything wrong ;)
    love mouse xxxx


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