Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Biscornu

I'm a member of the Friendly Stitchers yahoo group, and Abi gave us a friendly competition of the Serenity chart to "finish the chart 'your way'." I decided to make my first biscornu, and thus ... front

... and back

It is stitched on a leftover piece of nice soft, ivory using DMC 4200 Variations. As you can tell, it is far from perfect, but do like the way it turned out and plan to do it again - practice makes better next time.

From Friendly Stitchers there is also ASAW Stitch Along going on. It started before I joined, but I'm planning to catch up. It is an English Garden with a small motif for each week - you can see a sample here. I'm using Carolina Linen, 28 count evenweave in Sand. The outside grid will be DMC 4050 Variations. Maybe I'll get that started this weekend!

I'm still working on the Crazy Quilt piece, and it's so much fun!

And speaking of fun - do you ever start a piece that you loved, then decide it's not as much fun to stitch as you thought it would be? That's how I'm feeling with Quaker Blues. I've got a good bit done, but there is SO much more to do, and I'm simply not enjoying stitching it. My first thought was to just scrap it, but when I took this photo and remembered how much IS already done, I may finish and 'save' that part and scrap the rest... How do you cope with this situation? Would you ever stop something you've started, or do you just stitch on?

Thanks for dropping by today, and wishing for you a lovely and joy-filled weekend!

I finished reading Mariah Stewart's Dead Even. For me it was a little slow starting, but it went along better. I will try another to see if that's just this one, or her general style.



  1. Nice biscornu, Charlene. You've really accomplished a lot these past few weeks. I find it hard to stick with projects when the sun's out!

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog. :o)

    I love your biscornu. They are such fun to make. And your crazy quilt piece is pretty too!

  3. Your Biscornu turned out beautifullly.

    The crazy quilt is coming along nicely.

    A stitching friend of mine has now scrapped two pieces becuase she wasn't enjoying them. According to her life is too short to work on something you don't like. Sometimes she's been able to turn the stitched portion into something else. Sometimes she's cut out the stitched bit and saved the rest of the fabric.

    So I guess its really up to you how you feel about your piece.

  4. now you know I love your XS CQ piece!! I wish I could buy that pattern without being a part of the SAL.. what a wonderful marriage of my 2 favorite things :-)

    I have a piece like yours - hated working on it and quit.. I couldn't salvage anything though.. it was a dolly mama pattern.. with something like a quaker pattern I might try to use some of it as an ornament or a cq motif.


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