Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Weekend Update

What a glorious weekend this is - beautiful sunny skies and the temperature is upper 80's - and not a lot of humidity, either. Simply spectacular.

I don't think I've shown you lately where I am on Quaker Blues. It is slow, but am stitching on it a little here and there.

I started a new piece called Crazy Quilt from Cross Stitch Crazy About Quilts (Am School of Needlework). It's on 18 ct. Aida using mostly Finca cotton. I'm ad libbing a little with the colors, but isn't that what Crazy Quilts are all about?

Wanted to show you a picture of my peonies before they bloom! See the tight balls?

Did you know that before she blooms, ants attack her? I tried to get a closeup so you can see how they're enjoying themselves.

I'm going to see what makes this so. I want to think that the sweetness draws them, but I wonder if they loosen the petals so they can open... BRB... Well, it seems that, though a common thought, it is not true. "Ants are attracted to the sweet resin exuded on the flower buds, but it's a long-standing, popular, even benevolent myth that they "tickle the buds" or "lick the sugar" to help the buds open. They would open regardless of the ants' presence (these are the same ants that would benevolently tickle the food at the average picnic). "

I was off work yesterday, Friday, and I went to a sewing seminar - Making Patterns That Fit, at the local Hancock Fabrics. It was a good session - for only $7, I think I can adjust patterns that may fit my non-traditional size. You know how it is - if the top fits, the bottom is too small or vice-versa. It has been a long time since I tried to make a garment, but one of these days I should... I seem to say that all too often - I don't know what my problem is, but things just are not getting done! If my mom didn't love me, she'd probably say it is because I'm trifling (read LAZY). Laundry is behind, dust is deep, car is dirty, and craft room is totally a mess. I try not to compare myself to others, but I see ALL that others get done and am amazed. Oh, sure, when the mood strikes, I can get a lot done, but that mood hasn't struck in a while. So, here we are, spending time blogging... thinking about stitching!

Today was the annual Herald Yard Sale. There didn't seem to be as many participants as usual, but I found a few things. It's hard to tell from my picture, but this is a huge spool of gold braid. It will be pretty embellishing just the right thing - and sharing!

One of the old Mar Crest ovenproof stoneware crocks, with lid. These make the best roast! I just can't resist when I see one at a reasonable price. I've given Mom one, DS one, and now this one...

Don't you love cigar boxes for stash storage? I usually think they ask too much for them...
but when I looked inside and saw that it still had several of the cigar tubes, they had me!

I can hardly be out thrifting without going to the Hospice resale store. As much as I love quilts, and have a few, I didn't have a quilt rack. Now I do!

I saw this book, and the second page, Needle Lace, made me 'need' it!

Hope your weekend has been fun and productive! See ya' next time!
Charlene in SC


  1. Wow, your peonies are about to bloom while ours are just peeking out of the ground! Love your Quaker blues piece and the CQ one, too.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. Love the stitching!


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