Saturday, May 23, 2009

ASAW Grid Done

I finished the grid that will contain each of the ASAW charts offered by Friendly Stitchers group. I can hardly believe it took a week to do it... but it did! Used Carolina Linen, 28 count evenweave in Sand with DMC 4050 Variations. I'm ready to do the center piece, then I'll press... not that it needs it!!



  1. Looks like that involved a fair bit of counting, Charlene. Are the two samples on the group page part of what will be in the grid?

  2. Hi Charlene = I can't wait to start this SAL too. I am a newbie, so only got the passwords this weekend :) But unfortunately I do not have eavenweave material. I will go searching this week although I am a bit negative - might have to search the internet.

    Thank you also for your comments on my blog.

  3. Funny how those little simple things take so long! Can't wait to see how this fills in.

  4. Cool project! Congrats on the grid being done!


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