Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall is Coming

It's a lovely day outside, with the hints of fall in the air. There is so much waiting to be done (as you'll see from the pics below), but I have an inside project to finish this weekend, hopefully! This is my Halloween project, Monster March by Glendon Place. Hope to hang it at work on Monday! Last night I worked on it with the Let's Stitch blog group for about four hours. Here's a look at my stitching chair and my sweet fur baby, Pixie. You can also see how my Ort has filled since August.

Have a look at some of the last blooms for the year, and see how fall is approaching.

? Dogwood:
Think this HUGE guy was on Web overload?

~Happy Stitching~


  1. Looks to mr like you're going to make your deadline! I think your purple flowers are asters. That is one scary lookin' spider, Charlene...sure hope it was outside!

  2. What a gnarly looking spider. I hope you're enjoying the turning leaves and cool evenings.

    Nice stitching - it sounds like a fun group.


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