Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barnful of Quilts 2008

Yesterday I went to "A Celebration of Quilting and Fiber Arts" in Waxhaw, NC. It's not too far from my home - about 45 minutes' drive. I found out about it online, and I wish I could remember where I saw the link... It was held at a horse farm out in the country - such a lovely setting, and was the sixth annual! Each stall had an exhibit or vendor, and never the scent of it's intended purpose! It was cloudy and a bit misty off and on, but such a wonderful fall day!

So many impressive and talented artists were there. The first was an embroidery guild from Charlotte, NC. They had displayed so many lovely pieces of cross stitch with beading and lovely fibers, but this is what really took my breath away! Bobbin Lace. I had heard the term, but never looked closely enough to acknowledge its beauty! These aren't the best pics since they were under glass, but you get the idea. Just spectacular...

I saw vintage quilts that had been repaired and new quilts that were ... well, new. One of the vintage ones looked so much like the one I 'saved' from a consignment shop that is now on my guest bed. Some looked like you could snuggle up and take a nap, and others that could only be for display.

My next thrill was with Susan Brubaker Knapp's (Blue Moon River) needle turned applique. Whe was so nice, and wrote down for me a book that she teaches from.

I didn't realize until looking at her gallery that one in the exhibit hall was hers as well. This is my pic, but you can see more description at her gallery.

And speaking of the exhibit hall, these are some that were my favorites by featured artist Ellen Guerrant.

HeartStrings was on the flyer

We Fix Broken Hearts

Hold on My Heart - Throw Me a Lifeline
I didn't get the note of info for this one, but it was a celebration quilt.

Purple Haze

Under the Eyes of Queen Charlotte by Barking Dog Fabric Art
This was taken from about 4-5 feet away. So amazing!!

The only Crazy Quilt I saw was this one, and I regretfully forgot to capture the name of the artist and the description. I have called it the Family History - thinking that was in the title. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know.

I came away with a heartful of impressions, and a loaf of sour dough bread ;-).

During chatting with someone, I learned that the town of Waxhaw had a brand new quilt shop, "right next to the bead shop", and was having their art festival, so I went to see what was going on there!
At the bead shop, I picked up these tiny beads and a sliver of abalone.

At the quilt shop, I decided to try thimbles again - and couldn't resist this pin cushion.

and from the festival, I got a tee shirt and a chocolate pie from the Women's Club.

~Happy Stitching~


  1. Great pictures Charlene. What a fun day to see lots and lots of quilts. For a thimble, I use the rubber fingers used in offices -- if all else fails, you might try those.

  2. What a fun day at the craft fair. It looks like you have lots of ideas to work on....I love getting inspiration from others.


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