Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vacation's Almost Over...

Vacation is almost over... and what have I done?

On the first Monday of vacation, I mowed the lawn, trimmed, blew the walks, etc, but got drenched with rain before I could get everything put away. On the last Friday of vacation, I gave the lawn a hit and miss so Pixie wouldn't have to go over to the fence (neighbor's yard) to tinkle -- she doesn't like the grass to be 'in her way.' It was sprinkling rain before I finished.

You've seen the bathroom, so how about the guest room? I got the wrong color pink shams, so imagine white is pink :-) I had planned to use a pink with green leaves and white spread, but it most have been donated at some point I forgot, so ended up using this old quilt from the flea market. I do believe I like it better! This old rocker has been with me for over 30 years, but the pillow, foot rest and mag rack are reclaimed pieces. Refinished tiny table and moved lamp from LR. Here is the vanity that reminds me (if it isn't the same) of the one my mom had when I was a little girl.

Here's how the sofa turned out... and the 'old' recliner that I HAD reupholstered. Oh, this is how one is supposed to relax, though didn't get much chance to try it during THIS vacation! You can see a bit of the end table that I refinished...and the coffee table This is the back of the sofa. Photos of linen bags with buttons on Ivory Blush Rose site triggered the idea to use them to hold the pleat in place. (I can't get the link to work, but will come back later to try that again.)

This is the angle from my bedroom. I painted the shelves and window white to match the other trim in the room. This is the first time this window has had curtains ;-) This rocker was my grandmother's.

I had painted my bedroom and bath not too long ago, but don't think I shared them.

The dining room Kitchen
and mud room...

These are a few of my favorite tea pot collection as they were washed.

So, do you notice what is obviously missing? Yes, it's the craft room. How do all the things that belong in there get scattered throughout the rest of the house? Well, they're back in there now, along with some OTHER miscellaneous bits and bobs...but that will have to be another time. I promised myself I would do NOTHING today!! I could probably stand to have that as a weekend project... There are other things that I would love to have done, but there was just no more time. I think it will be fantastic when I don't have to work full time any more. The way it's planned now, that's about six years away.

Next vacation (Thanksgiving week) will be devoted to the outside. Pruning, digging, playing in the dirt -- and organizing that outside building!! Well, unless it's snowing or something drastic.

Thanks for taking this vacation with me! I hope yours will be half as fulfilling!!



  1. Yikes, Charlene, I got worn out just reading your post. You did more in the past couple of weeks than we've done in several years!
    Outstanding job! Looks fabulous, too!

  2. Great job on the painting! Now that the weather is getting cooler here, it might be easier for me to convince DH to work on painting INSIDE rather than weeding and landscaping OUTSIDE!

  3. Charlene you've been soooo busy! Wish I could accomplish as much on my vacations. Be sure to pop over to my blog and see if you are the winner of the Think Pink - Pay It Forward Contest. ;-)

  4. I think I must have a talk with you about the meaning of vacation. =) Your house looks great. Hope you did take some time to slow down and have *relax* time!

  5. Hi Charlene! Great to hear from you! Your home looks so cottage like! Very pretty!

  6. Oh my, your home looks wonderful. I love the new color in the living room and your sofa is to die for. Did you make the covers? Your MB looks so relaxing. Love the bed on the angle. The border in the kitchen/dining room is just too cute. Thanks for sharing your "vacation" with us. LOL. Now, go get some rest.

    PS - Give Pixie a big hug!


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