Sunday, August 31, 2008

? Stash ?

Today I read a post by Mary Corbet at Needle'n Thread about Stash, and it got me thinking...

I often ponder why crafters have so much stash

  1. Be ready at a moment's notice
  2. Always have anything one needs without having to leave the house
  3. To quote a friend, "because we love it!"
I have more of everything related to any needle art than I'll ever use in three lifetimes, but I love it! And I can be pretty much prepared at a moment's notice without leaving the house ;-).

For example -- while stenciling the carpet (see previous post) in which directions said I could use any implement for applying, the foam brush was just not suiting my fancy. Then I remembered from my former figurine painting days, I had stencil brushes. I went to the closet and found the jar holding brushes, and there were two sets! Prepared! When I wanted to detail some fine lines on the table I'm refinishing I thought, there are some small brushes with my lace painting/dying stuff ~~yep, there they were. Of course you notice a couple of words that are key to the use of stash...remember and find. This is without doubt just as important as acquiring space to house said stash!!

Now the next question: When does one go from Stash Collecting ( A person who makes a collection, as of stamps) to Pack Rat ( collector or accumulator of miscellaneous objects) status?
The little 'serving size' containers that I can't stand to toss. Sure, I could put them in the recycle bin along with the soda cans, but they make excellent receptacles for seed disposal while eating fruit and are perfect for paint trays as are plastic lids for resting the paint brush and coffee cans for holding the supplies in route. Is this not a form of recycling...

And larger containers? Well the old vinegar bottle in great for mixing hummingbird food, and the old coffee creamer bottle or any big mouth container (especially if it has a flip top lid) is wonderful to put your ball of yarn while knitting, tatting, or embroidering!! Keeps it from distracting fur babies by rolling around on the floor, and from gathering dust bunnies.

Hum...according to Houghton Mifflin (and proven by above examples), I've achieved Pack Rat status! But in my mind the things will be of use/value to me at some point. And if not... Well, DS will one day probably back a dump truck up to the the door and head straight for the dump ~ or the recycling center?? But this will be an excellent excuse for haunting him for the rest of his days!!



  1. I totally agree with you. I don't think it's pack ratting if there's a purpose for it. I recycle where I can - and that's less than you because of our traveling life, but why should I pay for a spoon rest, for example, when the butter lid works the same? Or makes a good coaster? Gives me more money for . . . thread and lace and beads and fabric! LOL!

  2. Hi Charlene, Thanks so much for your comment on my CQ; it meant a lot to hear encouragement from an expert!

    I'm a pack rat, too, (just ask the kids). Oh, and thanks for reminding me that I, too, have some brushes from my ceramic period. LOL

  3. My packrat thing is glass jars, specifically the Atlas canning jars they pack Classico spaghetti sauce in. There's about a dozen of them in the kitchen and pantry holding various things like sugar, pasta, and spices, plus about a dozen more scattered throughout the house as bookends. I have a small problem with compulsive rock / pebble collecting, so I fill up the jars with the rocks and pebbles and they make cool bookends.

    We recycle what we can, and plastic containers that aren't 1&2, like cottage cheese containers, get washed and sent to my MIL's house, where she uses them to pack up meals for DH's grandmother to take home.


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