Saturday, January 19, 2008

What I'm Working On

To start the year in cross stitch, I've made commitments to several things.

  1. Pam Kellogg's 2008 Valentine Mystery
  2. wXCw - Helga and Anna's Back on the Road Mystery

  3. The Bride's Tree

I started with the Valentine Mystery. I've just about completed the first part.

When it's finished, I think I'll do the Bride's Tree house then part one of Helga and Barbara Ana's, in a rotation schedule. I think that will prevent wearing myself out on one, or boredom. Of course I am far from on schedule with any of them. There are several who have completed theirs, but never let it be murmured that I'm a speedy stitcher. Far from it! (order revised 1/21)

This is the first time I've ever successfully used my Snap frame for stitching. It really does seem to reduce the stress on my thumb joint that can become quite painful after hours of stitching.


  1. Yay, it looks great! You are on your own schedule. =) Far ahead of me on my schedule! I did dig out a piece of ecru today that might be the right size for the wXSw mystery.

  2. Wow, Charlene, you are so far ahead of me! This week has been pretty crazy and hasn't left much time for any stitching or knitting.
    Your rose looks you're glad to be done with all that close color work!

  3. That is a beautiful rose! It's one thing to see the pattern on Pam's blog and another to see it stitched up like you have!

  4. you stitching looks great.. hopefully soon I will get around to getting some XS in :-)

  5. Thanks for the comment Charlene. Seems like we havent connected in forever. I want to stitch but it hasnt happened in a while. Hope you are well. =)

  6. The rose is lovely. You're off to a great start this year. Hugs.

  7. Hi Charlene,

    I had good luck finding threads at JoAnns...and I think they're having a 5/$1 special this week.

    How far are you on your rose now? I had to rip out a bit because I skipped a row...back on track now though. Happy Stitching.

  8. Hello you skinny little thing!! Okay, so what catwalk are you going to be modeling on?? You have done so fantastic at losing weight hon and I stand and applaud you! But if you get any smaller I won't be able to find you! Heck I can't find you now with all these blogs so I just close my eyes and point...and whichever one my mouse pointer lands on there I go!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog hon and your kind words... I'm on a roll again (which might not be a good thing considering I fall over my own feet)..

    Beautiful work on your XS darlin.... I use to love to do it...but the holes got smaller the older I got...

  9. You're doing great on Pam's SAL. I haven't even begun stitching mine yet. I'm still working on part 2 of the wXSw SAL and just finished my January Bride's Tree ornament. Seems like we are both doing the same SALs. I'm also doing an Erica Michaels Sampler Book SAL with 2 others, so I'm quite busy with SALs this year. That's in addition to the charity squares I also stitch for quilts.
    Barb in TX


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