Saturday, January 19, 2008

Favorite Thing to do While Stitching

From the Incoherent Scribblings blog, I found this sbq:

What is your favorite past time while stitching? Do you just enjoy silence, listen to music/audiobooks or do you “watch” TV/movies? Do you have specific favorites you listen to/watch while stitching?

My favorite place to stitch is in "my chair," an old recliner, usually with Pixie on the arm or under my arm or around my neck, with the TV playing movies or favorite shows.

There are times when silence is wonderful, but most of the time the TV is on. The point of IS was that she had discovered and loves audio books. I tried that while 'surfing,' but I get intent on one or the other and lose focus on the other. Somehow TV doesn't affect me that way.

How about you? What's your favorite thing to do while stitching?

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