Friday, July 24, 2015

Hello... Remember Me?

Hey, Friends!

Where have I been?  Have I mentioned that July 1, 2015 was my first official day of RETIREMENT?  WooHoo!  I’m so happy – and lazy!  No morning alarm – other than Pixie J Just doing exactly what I want, when I want.

As last post said, I took a little break from His Eye is on the Sparrow to stitch a few patriotic designs.

Free & Brave – The Drawn Thread 

Flag – 1998 – Bent Creek

Old Glory – Littlehouse Needleworks

Heart Flag from “July” – Prairie Schooler

Crow with Flag – Notforgotten Farms 

Sweet Land of Liberty – Samplers and Santas
 Liberty Parade - Punch Needle and Primitive Stitch Magazine

Nearing the end of July, page 5 of His Eye is on the Sparrow is now complete.  Wonder why it took a while longer than it should?  Why were there so many of these friendly creatures hanging out on my driveway.  I thought it was because the motion light is stuck ON, so they were catching insects.  But wait, there may be another reason!  There was frogging to be done.

I must have counted down from the wrong birdy foot – the flowers were in the wrong spot!  I thought, can I just switch positions of the flowers and the ‘donkey’ animal, but no, that wouldn’t work.  The frogging began.... and with a little help from the Boo-Boo Stick, the fuzzy fibers were gone. That big blue bird at the bottom seemed to take forever!

I fell in love with Blackbird Designs, In Friendships’s Way!  After a bit of searching found the little glass-sided Strawberry box and the Button box.  I didn’t want my Strawberry box quite as aged, so love the way it turned out.  Also love the button box!  I used Annie Sloan chalk paints and waxes. 

 Top Strawberry Box is from BBD, In Friendship's Way. 

Bottom Button Box is from BBD (yellow).
 We've had one of the hottest summers since the 1950's.  Hope you're having summer sprinkles and cool breezes!  Thanks for stopping by!

When you think things are falling apart, it may just be that everything is falling into place!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Happy retirement! You have been productive! His Eye is on the sparrow is a beautiful sampler.

  2. Congratulations! Whew! You have accomplished A LOT. Lookin' great too.

  3. Best wishes to you on your retirement! Congratulations on all your lovely stitched pieces as well as the boxes. Where did you find the button box? Your WIP looks good; sorry you had to spend time ripping out stitches.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. You have a wonderful collection of patriotic stitching!! It's been the hottest summer on record here too!(Seattle, WA)

  5. Happy retirement to you!!
    You stitched some great projects, love the box projects.
    Kick those frogs to the curb! lol

  6. Congratulations on retirement, how nice to be on your own time. Love all your patriotic finishes!

  7. Hi Charlene, I have used your link and popped over from the 'Sparrow' group :) You have been busy with all your patriotic designs... Lucky you to now be in that happy place of 'retirement' and freedom to pick and choose what to put your energies into. I am a little jealous of that, but I am most jealous of those lovely boxes AND Annie Sloan products, - neither available here in Oz (grumble, grumble). They look beautiful. Sorry to see you had a visit from those frogs too - always sad, but slightly worse when you are stitching over one I think...

  8. Congratulations on retirement! I am in awe of your 'sparrow' piece ~ beautiful!

  9. Congratulations on your retirement! And you've been very productive. I love all the patriotic pieces you've shared with us. :)

  10. I'm so excited for you, Charlene--you'll have so much more time to stitch the days away now that you're retired! I really love all the patriotic finishes--I am actually working on the Drawn Thread one right now and just enjoying it so much...

    Your huge WIP is so lovely--can't wait to see more!

    Hope your summer is going well and that you're staying cool...

  11. Congratulations on your official Retirement! You have already stitched so many patriotic pieces! And the sampler is --wow! So many beautiful details! You will be done very soon, as I know you stick with a project till the end. Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. Congrats on your retirement, Charlene! It's so good to see you back to blogging. I love all your beautiful pieces. You may not have blogged, but you sure have done a lot of stitching!

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