Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eliza Framed

Hey, Friends!

I’m having fun stitching Betsy by Sheepish Designs now.  She'll be finished soon.

During my LNS’s framing special, I had Eliza Scattergood framed.  Isn’t she beautiful?  She was my first finish of this year, and just getting around to framing her!
Here's a close shot of the frame.  
  As a reminder to my careless stitching, I stitched Plum Street Samplers Count Twice, Stitch Once on 40ct Lambswool. 

Planted tomatoes and cucumbers in pots on the deck mid-May.  There were a few blooms on one of the tomato plants, and now look!!  I could hardly believe it when I saw them.  There must be something to that Miracle Grow planting soil. 

I haven’t picked up a book in such a long time, but DS left his old Kindle for me to try, and it’s really not as bad as I thought it would be.  Always thought myself a paper page turner, but who knew!  There are lots of books on there, so I finally found one that I could read more than a page or two.  By Reason of Insanity by Randy Singer.  Maybe on to something with this gadget.

Let's all take a moment to remember those who've given their lives to defend our country while we celebrate the first holiday of the summer.  

Happy Stitching!



  1. We have been having a SAL without even knowing it. I, too, am stitching Betsy and really enjoying it. I have the sheep and Betsy to stitch and then I will be pretty well finished. Eliza is lovely and the frame just perfect! I live in the NW and often have trouble finding just the right frame. Everything is so contemporary.

  2. Eliza is beautiful in her perfect frame, and Count Twice is so pretty. Congrats on both.

  3. I love your framed piece -- beautiful! Love the Count Twice piece too. Yay for the Kindle! I have to say I love reading e-books. I miss books, but e-books are much more convenient.

  4. Your pieces look great. Yeah for the tomatoes. I waiting for my first flowers. Hoe you look the Kindle. I started with a Gen 1 Kindle and now use the Kindle ap on my iPad. Love it. Love finishing a book and instantly getting my next book. I have read so much more since I've had the Kindle.

  5. Eliza looks so lovely in her frame!
    I too am an e-book convert having started with a Noom then added a Kindle Fire a year ago and I use both!

  6. What a great framed finish, Charlene! I love it! And how nice to get the frame on sale, too :)

    I should pull out my Betsy and get to work--I set her aside when I mis-counted and the big peacock ended up in the wrong place last summer... I do love her and have high hopes of finishing her soon.

    I will have to say I read much, much more with a Kindle. I love the weight of it and the fact that you can regulate the font size. I fall asleep reading on mine every night :)

    Hope you have a relaxing Memorial Day weekend!

  7. Eliza is just beautiful! And the Count Twice one will be great when you get it framed too... you always make great choices. I have seen Betsy done, and it is going to be a perfect complement to your finishes! Hugs!

  8. Wow Charlene~~~ that frame is just perfect for your beautiful sampler!!!! And, soon you'll be making a big ole 'mater sammich!!

  9. Awesome work, Charlene! Love your other one also and am anxious to see Betsy. Here I'm just now thinking about a trip to the nursery to get a few plants; if only the sun would show its face! Enjoy those tomatoes! Hope you're having a nice weekend! (Oh, and check to see if your library offers e-books to check out on your Kindle; ours does and it's great!)

  10. I love the frame, where do take your pieces to get framed?

    I have a kindle, my second one actually. I too thought I would never be able to get over not having an actually book but I love being able to go on vacations and take 100 books with me :)

    I still have some paper books that I enjoy reading as well.

    Yay!!! look at those tomatoes! Mine are just starting to fruit. I can't wait to enjoy a nice tomato and mayo sandwhich :)

    Have a lovely day friend

  11. Pretty finishes and I love the frame! Wow, tomatoes already! I definitely still love to read a "real" book and they make up most of my reading, but I love my Kindle because I can adjust the font size and don't need my reading glasses. :)


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