Friday, July 19, 2013

Hey, Friends!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer filled with all your favorite activities and vacation spots.  Do you believe that it’s past the middle of July?  Oh my goodness, where does the time go?  The good thing about that is that in July I passed my 29th year of service and have only two years to work until retirement.  Woo Hoo! 

Along with most of the southeast, we’ve had rain severe thunderstorms and downpours almost every day for the last two weeks.  The great part about that is that we haven’t had any 100° days, but the humidity is oppressive!  

One of my six 25 feet Bradford pear trees split and fell into my neighbor’s yard.  It was only inches away from his house, and a couple of feet away from his HVAC system.  Whew! My yard man came and cut it up and hauled it away. I’ve asked him to go ahead and top out the rest of them so it doesn’t happen again.  He’s done two others, so three to go.   

I saw a first recently.  Looking out onto my front porch, there was a squirrel having a little snack – on the paint of the rocking chair! Talk about nuts!!

From the last post – Yes, I did replace the white stitches (bubbles) with beads on the July WordPlay. Here’s the August Word Play, all ready to go into the frame at work.  

July is also my DS birthday.  We went to Captain Steve’s fish camp for dinner with Mom, then had Boston Crème pie for dessert.  Remember that I’ve been stitching a surprise piece?  Well, it was Da’Kats by Prairie Moon.  I left off the skull wall sconces and think it came out great.  He seemed to like it, and even commented that he really liked the frame! 

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!
May 2013 be filled with Happy Stitching!



  1. They say there's two kinds of Bradford pears: split and splitting. That doesn't stop them putting them for landscaping in these parts either. Glad it was only a close call. Love the July Word play! We've been having your 100* days. Philadelphia hasn't gotten below 80* at night in about a week. Ugh!

  2. Good thing that tree missed your neighbour's house! Such a close call. Love your wordplay and happy birthday to your dear son!!

  3. I grew up with 3 pear trees. Love them. What a cool gift for your son. My son's Bday is tomorrow.

  4. Hey Charlene, I know you are looking forward to retirement. Two years seems like a long time, but I know you could do those standing on your head. So sorry to hear about your tree(s), and I'm glad not much was damaged.
    Your stitched and framed piece looks great and glad your son liked his gift.
    That rain got pushed my way and I was glad to have it. It cooled things off for a few days.
    Looking forward to see what else you are stitching.

  5. Happy birthday to your DS! Love that piece you stitched for him. Yikes on the pear tree! That was a close one! Same thing has happened twice with our neighbor's trees falling close to our house. Twice. Your wordplay looks great!

  6. Nice finishes! Well done, and many happy returns to your son. Yikes, the tree bit was scary...

  7. YAY for only two years!!
    I had a Bradford Pear years ago that broke off during a storm and it grew back with a vengeance. Hope yours do well now.
    Your nutty squirrel reminds me of a rabbit that would eat the wood from the bottom of our old smokehouse. I would worry about all the splinters he must get in his tummy but he loved it!

  8. I'm glad that tree didn't hit your house!! Great finishes! I need to get back to August WP! :)

  9. Close call with the tree. The I may know why my rockers are loosing paint! I like you kool cats stitching. Think it looks just fine without the skulls.

  10. I am so over this weather too but certainly don't want 100 degree temps either. Love how your son's piece came out too! Great finish.

    happy stitching....

  11. Wow! Congratulations on only two more years! :) Glad the tree didn't cause any damage. I recently saw a story about a squirrel who was eating a woman's car around the wheel wells. I guess they eat some strange things sometimes. :) That August Word Play is one of my favorites! LOVE the piece you stitched for your son! And Happy Birthday to him!!

  12. What a great piece for your son, Charlene! I hope he had a wonderful birthday. July is also my youngest son's and my husband's birthday as well as our anniversary--very busy month! I'm so excited for you that your retirement is less than two years away. I'm sure you're counting the days...

    Beautiful stitching on August--you are really whipping through those each month! I am so impressed. I had planned to do them monthly, but have only finished two!

    Hope your weather improves soon. We've had the hottest, most humid week I can remember, but the heatwave seems to have finally broken today!

  13. Summer sure does fly by doesn't it? Sorry about your tree but glad it didn't do any severe damage. I love your Word stitchings! Cute cats also

  14. Weather is always the topic of conversation in July and August, but seems like this year June was also hot and muggy... so maybe August will NOT be! It could happen... What a masculine looking piece, perfect for your son's birthday. Glad you are not in trouble for the tree! Hugs!


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