Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Snow Weekend

Hey, Friends!

Remember last time I promised to share a pic of my recently stitched Santa's Village piece, North Pole Post Office?  Well, here she is.  I switched a couple of colors... unintentionally.  I'm almost finished with March Word Play from With thy Needle & Thread, so that will be next time!

ORTS … Did you see that Mary Corbet is an ort collector, too?  She asked for her readers to comment on if they do, and what they do with them.  Lots of interesting and funny ideas!   Like this:  I also had a friend whose elderly aunt kept a box labeled, “STRING TOO SHORT TO USE”

I love the feeling of accomplishment when a piece is done.  I had a thought today of another reason why multiple WIPs may not be my thing.  The Inspired Stitcher was talking about getting on a roll with one of her projects.  My comment was “I think that flow comes from getting the eyes adjusted to the count and the tension just right.”  For me, that gets thrown off when I switch between projects.  
Were you like me with the 2013 Nashville revealing?  I should be stitching five at the same time to ever get close to stitching my stash!  Couldn’t resist Viktor and Irina and a couple of Blackbird Designs, too.  How about you? Were there things you couldn't resist?

"They" say that everyone has the personality of one of the characters in  Winnie the Pooh:  I'm an Owl.  Want to see who you are?  At the end where they ask Gender, etc., click on No Thanks below Next.  

I saw a home remedy for “some of the ails of Winter” here at Maggie’s site.  Doesn’t look like anything that would harm you, and it may actually help!

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!

May 2013 be filled with Happy Stitching!



  1. your crosstitch is so pretty, i love it !

  2. The post office is gorgeous, well done! I had to order one of the BBDs too, and a couple of Kathy Barrick's new charts :-)

  3. Nice finish! I have been so good and resisted any new stash so far. Now...if I could just stay out of Joanns and Hobby Lobby.

    happy stitching....hope you are enjoying this spring like weather!

  4. Cute finish! I got in trouble with market of course. But I was better than I could have been. I needed Viktor and Irina too! I scored to be piglet! lol! I thought I was more of an Eeyore, but I guess not. :D

  5. Nice cute!
    "String too short to use". I like that one!
    I also have trouble getting my eyes adjusted when working on different counts. I thought I was losing it but now I'm glad to have found someone else who is "losing it" too. hehehe


  6. Hi, Charlene ~

    I was amused by your comments about short string because it reminded me of a book I bought several years ago during one of my visits to New England. The title is String Too Short to be Saved...Recollections of Summers on a New England Farm. I haven't read it yet; it has many very old B&W photos and, I'm sure, much New England lore.
    (Probably a good dose of old fashioned common sense, too.)

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Love your Santa piece, Charlene. My resistance is low and my stash is big. LOL

  8. Oh your little village is coming right along - the colors are so pretty in these.

  9. Can you stand it? No snow. I am glad for some sunshine finally. I love your Santa's village progress.
    I am putting my post Nashville order list together, I shouldn't since I have not been stitching.
    Have a great week!

  10. Congrats on your finish:) It looks great.

  11. Cute finish, congrats.
    i haven't been looking for new stash lately as i want to stitch atleast a few of what i had already...

  12. Love love this finish! And I bought V & I, too...couldn't resist!

  13. How cute is that one, Charlene--I do love those little letters hanging on the wire :)

    I'm pretty good at resisting new stash--I have so many beauties just begging to be stitched that I already own. For me, it's finishing supplies (fabrics, ribbons, trims) that is my weakness :)

  14. Great finish on your Santa's village.


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