Monday, January 21, 2013

What's old is new again.

Hey, Friends!

I’m not sure if this is the first time it has happened to me, but I’m noticing it a lot now.  I’m stitching Mary Gibson, who has been UFO for a couple of years.  My last memory of her was that the border was attracting lots of frogs.  Knock on wood; it seems to be flowing along effortlessly.  I say Yayyy!  Maybe she will stay a WIP until she’s finished after all.  Mary has nine charted pages, and here she is as of today; seven pages done.  She’s bigger than I expected on 40ct – about 14x16. 

Many of us have talked about working on our WIPs this year.  I’m curious: when does a WIP (work in progress) turn into a UFO (unfinished object) in your opinion?  And what are the reasons yours become UFOs?  I usually get distracted by something else – holiday stitching or something new that has my love!

Some are posting lots of great and wonderful 2013 finishes.  My mind asks why I don’t have any finishes… part of my plan for 2013 is to enjoy stitching without pressure or obligation – kind of like the Blogging without Obligation

I do intend to get some of those stitched items finished along with others on Stitched: Now to Finish.  Here’s my first of the year – Joy by Blackbird Designs.

 I am the very lucky winner of a mini-fabric sampling giveaway by Kathy Schmitz.  Aren’t the colors great?  Just my style!  You can see a little video of Kathy’s creative process on her site.  Thanks for sharing, Kathy! 

Thanks for stopping by, today and always.  I appreciate your thoughts and comments!

May 2013 be filled with Happy Stitching!



  1. Hi Charlene! I am trying to stitch without obligation. @_@ Sometimes it's tough isn't it?

  2. Your Mary looks great! I won't have a first finish for 2013 for a while since I'm stitching a model. I guess it will be my first 2013 finish. lol! I'm not sure when a WIP becomes a UFO. Maybe when I am thinking I will never get back to it?? Those I keep picking up to work on again are still WIPs. I won't tell you how many UFOs I have. lol!

  3. Congrats on your fabric win! They look yummy! I love the colors in Mary Gibson. I'm not sure why WIP's turn into UFO's. I think my attention is diverted by so many of the other lovely designs I find.
    Take care!

  4. I don't believe in UFOs. It's always a WIP. I've had projects take over ten years, but that doesn't mean I don't finish eventually!

  5. I'm right with you on making 2013 a year of no obligations - just stitch what hits your fancy. I think that it's much more fun to just work on what you want without taking on obligations. I love your Mary Gibson and she's on my hit list for this year!!

    I'm not sure when a piece becomes a UFO - maybe someone should come up with a cut off point when it goes from WIP to UFO. I tend to think in the one year range, but I think others would think that it's longer. I tend to go back to my UFO's within a year or so. I'm one of those people that loves starting things.....but not finishing them for a couple years or more.

  6. Your Mary Gibson is so pretty.... looks like you are too far from a finish! So keep on stitching....

    I don't have too many UFO or WIP for that matter but have more this year than in years past. Good question though of when they are UFO.

    Hope you are enjoying this pretty weather.... happy stitching!

  7. There are no UFO's in my book, just WIP's. LOL Lovely ornie finish. Congrats on your win, those fabrics are nice!

  8. Great win!!!!! Nice fabrics by Kathy.....

    I love rediscovering old projects.... Look at all you've done on that beautiful sampler!!!!! You're on the home stretch........

  9. Mary is beautiful and you working towards the home stretch. Great win. Lovely fabric.

  10. Oh, I just love that Mary Gibson! I just LOVE your finish, too! I need to stitch that, too, and have it in my drawer just waiting for me to pick it up and get to it.

    In my case, a WIP becomes a UFO when I decide to kick it to the curb and most likely not finish it. I put it aside into a big rubbermaid tote, don't toss it out or reuse the linen, but just decide that it's been fun working on it but I am not going to finish it. Viola, it's a UFO.

  11. Mary Gibson is looking really nice.

    Not sure about the UFO vs WIP - to me they are both the same, I am just at the moment in time stitching the WIP and will go back to the UFO when the timing is right!!

    This year is also a year of not only finishing, but also going through the stash and the UFO/WIP and just making decisions as to what I am still in love with!!!

  12. Great going on the sampler, and the ornament is just too pretty for words (must. stitch. this.)

  13. The sampler is beautiful and it looks like you'll have a finish soon!
    I have lots of old WIPs that I still pick up now and then. In my reasoning a WIP becomes a UFO when I decide I don't like it any longer or am sure it won't get finished. There's one I've had started since 1987 that I still like...

  14. Mary Gibson is nearly done! I see a BIG finsh this year for sure! And that Blackbird pillow is very very nice! The trim just makes it pop! I think UFO is a WIP that is no longer liked. So, I don't have any UFO's. I either threw them away or ripped it out and re-used the fabby. I never really had too many languishing...I have been hearing Sachet calling to me--that is pretty old (about 4 years?), but I still do love it! And Bouquet for Cheryl is about the same in status--love those colors. I worked on Bouquet last year for a bit. Got rid of several others, and I think I am happy with what I have going or ready to go. Hugs!

  15. Oh, I hope you do continue on and finish this one, Charlene--you're so close and it is so beautiful!

    I've really slowed down in my stitching this year, too! Only one finish in three weeks, but that's okay... after the huge amount I did last year, I need to relax a bit in 2013 :)

  16. Mary is looking great and with only 2 pages to go I'm sure you will finish her soon. Your BBD pillow looks lovely. Loving your love fabric giveaway, enjoy your goodies.

  17. What a pretty sampler! You've done a beautiful job on finishing! Congrats on your win!!


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